Ahn Jae-ook drunk driving and netizen “the habitual criminal it stopped drinking”


While it was caught by the drunk driving control and the actor Ahn Jae-ook (48) faced the license suspension, regarding this, the verbal battle arose among the netizens. There is divergent these standing by Ahn Jae-ook and opinion that it drinks and drives habitually. Dwaet the Ahn Jae-ook agency Jeibeul entertainment people concerned gets the license suspension it is caught by the drunk driving control it heads for Seoul in the morning on 10th enough rest had to be taken it returned from the call to “it had the banquet in the lodging side restaurant with the colleague after finishing on 9th night and local schedule which Ahn Jae-ook is over” ” lodging on 11th in the morningIt revealed all. After that, “ahn Jae-ook and agency are fully realize the responsibility of the excuse without room” “it causes anxiety and the sorry heart cannot be hidden and the scandal which absolutely it will shouldn’t do is caused and it is the mind which is very shameful and is shameful” the head were drooped. It expressed to be unfortunate at the point called one which Ahn Jae-ook the partial netizen learning about the news in relation with the suspension of license cancellation of Ahn Jae-ook drank intentionally and holds the steering wheel the Ani. “if it drinks too much the day before, the hangover remains the next day until morning and it shouldn’t drive and ㅠ is not intentional if it is not easy to be realistically like that but it is a little like that to endlessly condemn” (phpi****) ” Ehe I. It took the morning. It can feel victimized furtively, when ” (jjy3****) “it takes truly much if it does in the morning on a large scale” (skyu*****) other side and Ahn Jae-ook evoking much criticism by the drunk driving in the past caused the dispute by the drinking problem and once, then the netizen showing the large-scale disappointment didn’t write. The drunk driving is the criticism that He who is the celebrity had to be more careful in that it threatened the life of not only person but also others. Isn’t one called the drinking condition basic common sense the next day until the morning now if it drinks too much? There is the man doing not know this. It knew and drove and what does feel victimized? If the next day will be driven, the word money to is gone to do the intemperance itself. The next day is not driven if it drank too much. Drink just. The Mwon ‘schild’ is appraised and ” (nate****) is Noesusulha and does the liquor Kkeueot everyone remove? The Deut which it does in the next day because of it drank again, the other drunken drivers having the spoon until 5 o’clock in the early morning and passing 2 hours through ” (ollo****) before and driving at 7 o’clock a.m. and the man feeling victimized comes out much One that it disappears the hangover which it drinks the person liquor is over in a certain degree the drunk driving is the second opinion laughs. The first offender seems to be not and meantime Ahn Jae-ook evoking much criticism with the drunk driving exposure once as to for the schedule control seems to be and inevitable afterward with ” (etwa****). The schedule KBS variety program ‘the problem son of the rooftop house’ that there was before the video recording was cancelled on 10th. It commemorated the Martyr Ahn Joong-geun in accordance with the 100th anniversary at the Sejong Center grand theater next month from 9th and it was deciding and especially moreover as to Ahn Jae-ook, the interview is planning the appearance in the musical ‘hero’ as the star Ahn Jung-Geun role. However, the schedule revision seems to be inevitable due to this adverse criticism. The agency was added in relation with this “the way that damage doesn’t go to the utmost upon many person working together will be prepared and it will discuss rapidly”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745269.htm, 2019/02/12 00:00:12]