Chinsil Choi daughter Choejunhui and lupus bottle fighting against a disease…”The intractable disease “


The with a stamp swollen face was opened, saying that the actor Chinsil Choi daughter Choejunhui was fighting against the lupus disease. The individual channel was set up in the image restoration site YouTube at last 10th and Choejunhui uploaded the first images. With closing the mask with a bit swollen face the revealed image center Choejunhui gave of the greeting. As to Choejunhui, as for, the person doing not know the person who ” I am well known will be many in the image. As know much, common 17-year-old high-school girl who wrote on “***” SNS and it was trying to introduce me before starting on a full scale, is active spoke as the daughter Choejunhui ” of the actor Chinsil Choi. After that, He had a lot of the request in which it asks to raise ” beauty or V log ㅇ. Tramping of my recent condition and future today shortly the plan was trying to be explained, V logs in which my everyday is contained with “***” from now on were mainly uploaded. If the contents for was applied for SNS or YouTube comment, the image fitting for this opinion would be taken and the hereafter plan was conveyed. The reason why it gets off the photoes at its own SNS altogether explained him recently. Choejunhui is “it was caught by the disease that it is the lupus disease recent for 2 months and the hard time was spent during” ” intractable disease. It is the autoimmune disease. Nothing seems to be not. Still, the Michyeo stone realizes the man if it takes in reality. It got better a little and the yesterday (9 days) left and it robbed. ” body swelled up and with a stamp and He could not walk. The water wore on the leg and it was heavy and the wheelchair was taken and it went, 10kg made progress in “***” weight in 1-2 weeks. The erythema has been appearing like the man who it takes the skin disease and the skin has been getting torn. My looks is the same as the monster. The self esteem was with thrust cut whenever it looked into a mirror. Why did I change like the monster in this way? It thought, it told. It is recovering when Choejunhui is not full recovery yet. The looks which has been being recovered will be able to be seen in V log, until “***” is cured completely, understand my looks. It was different from the previous figure and the photo was all gotten off at SNS and it told.
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