“dig the first ITZY measure the late.” The world of singers first step which there is, the heart is overflowed (synthesis)


“ask for the ITZY’ of ‘ first except the brother group of the someone.”The girl group ITZY (there is) debut showcase, that is the joy, opened in the Seoul City Hannam-dong blue Square child market hall p.m. 3 on 12th. In the showcase, ‘the stage was opened.’ the first digital single album ‘IT’ Z Different (the dipper runt there is) ‘title song’ asks to be different ITZY member foreknowledge, rear, Ryuchin, Chaeryeong, and effeminacy attendIs there all the iTZY ‘the word which surely it would like to have, the trendy intending the existence which absolutely it doesn’t want to miss installs’ IT ‘with the including group name’ you’s needs? There be. Have the meaning. The debut song ‘it asks to be different’ is ‘the Fusion Groove’ track 5 it has the special personality members meet and it gives birth to the unique combination, which drafts and which breaks the form of the existing K pop and which it makes refreshingly. The girl group which ITZY is the god which JYP entertainment called ‘the girl group reputable family’ announces in 4 years it ejects the WonderGirls, Miss A, and Tteuwaiseu This day ITZY members appeared in the showcase as the face which ‘the tension half anticipation half’ is revealed. Ryuchin spoke to the question related to the agency “it was the reputation thanks to of JYP entertainment, whether the interest against was much hit since the debut as much as it was undeserved” “in order that the crack will not go to this reputation, when ITZY repaying the interest will try as possible,”. ITZY to not however be free in the halo of the agency senior same girl group already developed into the large group All Yeoreot the foreknowledge in this “ITZY has 5 Saek fascination, that is 5 of ITZY” “the tint rush (Teen Crush) ‘ the teenager Dap is the concept” the mouth After that, it explained “if the Tteuwaiseu seniors have the color which is loveable and lively, when it thinks of ITZY that there is giving off ‘ girl crush ‘ and being bright and the nap as the healthy group,”. ITZY members appear already on many broadcasting programmes from the debut and informs the face before. It appeared on SBS ‘the Fan’ and the foreknowledge got the public eye contact as the outstanding singing ability and performance. And Ryuchin rose to the first place of woman section in JTBC ‘the mix court lady’ and the strong ability and fandom influence was proved. All Badat the support of K the pop fans Chaeryeong gives notice of the face through the Mnet ‘sikseuttin’ early The effeminacy has appeared in the Mnet reality program ‘the stray kids’ giving birth to JYP Idol group stray kids. The one, however lighting the face on the Braun tube with the trainee identity and the place of which the now making officially debut will not be equal Ryuchin expected “while the mix court lady ended and the practice was again started for the debut, it tried most much in the part, that is the ability” “when it thinks that it could debut as ITZY because of making a stepping-stone this good experience” the changed appearance. ITZY making debut along with the qualifier which the Tteuwaiseu brother group ‘ dream team ‘ ‘2,019 year world of singers eye of a typhoon ‘ etc. Tteuwaiseu is brilliant In reality, the members made a boast of the discriminative fascination of me even when being thankful for the qualifier. The Chaeryeong “ITZY is done, ‘ITZY would like to work” said and the rear “if the unique qualifier will appear and it will have never seen so far the personality of we can be shown, it will be good” expressed the desire. The Ryuchin “it is together largely mentioned as the qualifier that it is ‘ Tteuwaiseu brother group ‘ with the senior and it thanks. However, because when we are holding the color of us, the qualifier called the ITZY’ of ‘ first is gotten and it wants,” confessed. Yoo, moreover, all Bahyeot “the sound that it is the star ‘ which the star ‘ ‘2,019 year which ‘2,019 year produces to is really listened and it wants” “when It will become the team which is suitable for that qualifier” the aspirationITZY debut song ‘it asks to be different’ is revealed to every kind sound source site p.m. 6 on 12th.
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