‘hatch’ story acting direction and 3 combinations were gone through. Also, ‘the traditional Korean hat person the soul’


The ephemeris time was the ephemeris time. The new work ‘hatch’ of Leeyeong Kim writer releasing ‘dispersion’ ‘jar’ ‘hemp clothes’ back popularity quadrupole drama captivated the viewers and once. Open the powerful soft output of the fresh Sahun Department (royal prosecution body) meterial and Yungseok Lee director and strong acting ability of the actors were in harmony and the degree of concentration was raised from the initial. ‘hatch’ 1 time broadcasted at last eleventh 6% and 2 times 7.1% were recorded according to the TV rating research firm Nielsen Korea on 12th and the first place of in the same time was recorded. 4% and 4.9% was recorded and MBC new TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘item’ 1 starts together to featuring the first broadcasts with this day time and 2 times which installed the last. The KBS2 ‘the neighborhood lawyer team Lake 2’ kept hardly the second with 4.4% and 5.7%. In the first broadcasts, it was the son of the absolute monarch Sukchong (the Kim Gapsu) of the Joseon but the talk was drawn around the aspects of ‘the humble prince’ Yeoning Gun gold dust (ilwoo Chung) which is born in the body of the humble adjutant. With visiting the royal palace and streets and slander often chunban Ban ear gold dust was unable to live the life of me like the just free air and there is unable to be and it is unable to peep at the ardent wish toward the power which this someone wriggles deeply with his one’s mind. On the other hand, there was the peat (the gate nature) acted ‘the descendant of sohyun Crown Prince’ wheat style which it does the antipodal tensely putting the dangerous throne which may be switched with the gold dust anytime. In this process, the peat acted the Yeoning Gun gold dust and wheat manner was pitted against each other and the tension was presented. In addition, the Yeoning Gun gold dust and filter paper (the Koh Ara) and fating first meeting of the Moonsu Park (kwonyul) accomplished in the slander and examination hall and the attention of the viewers was captivated. Figure hard of the Sahun Department (royal prosecution body) hairiness which is absolutely not broken such as the men who the size which changed for the Sahun Department (royal prosecution body) inspection till the disguising as a man disguised as the parasitic and men’s clothes (shamans and fortunetellers of the common poeope) again and is armed with the knife is big forestalling with bare hands, etc was displayed and especially the room centered the attention. Moreover, it made to expect more the looks which steps on his back with his five spoons being well known in the look in which the good feeling toward the Yeoning Gun gold dust taking an examination together is young and burning with the sense of justice ‘the Beu romance’ (the newly coined word mixing the brother and romance) to spread in the future. The only is not. As to ‘hatch’, the exaggeration is not although the power of the strong supporting actors is strong. The story was pulled and the child back actors went to this management, Park Korean translation of Chinese character, ipil wool, and one phase gin to remain so that there can be the immersion from the start. The Kwonyul playing a role of Ilwoo Chung expressing the feeling composite of the gold dust which puts among these in the Neung writing to be pathetic and Koh Ara showing the aspects of Joseon ‘the girl crush’ (the nice women is intended as much as the girl is in a state of lull) and Moonsu Park who never bounce where even when being cunning expressed like the glutinous rice cake. Here, the Mise en scene like the movie of producing Yungseok Lee PD captivated the viewers. Whenever it saw with the scene of which the spacious field and mind of the Yeoning Gun gold dust which it would like to run freely like the horse dwell, the streets speeding between the gold dust which the heart is chewy and Moonsu Park, and etc. were noticeable to the eyes. Meantime, as to ‘hatch’, every week month is broadcasted Tuesday at 10 o’clock p.m.
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