“it is not so sad”… Nine Muses and ‘good bye’ it is a pity


1 people ‘the model rock’ Nine Muses (the bookkeeper Hye U.S. quenchless this morning) members express the dismantling state of mind and the regrettable mind of the fans is aroused. Nine Muses member Hye U.S published the photograph of the leaf in Instagram on 11th and added the text that it is “it is the most precious in the world”. The appearance from behind which folded arms and which 8 group days Nine Muses members stand in a row on the front of fan was included in the revealed photo. The member quenchless expressed the thankful mind toward the fan who wrote on Instagram and misses the dismantling. Because the quenchless will be not ” farewell, it will not express in being the farewell. Another meeting is promised. It is not so sad. It feels sorry and thanks and loves. The cellphone notepad captured image in which it saw soon, the writing called our ” is written was uploaded. Nine Muses debutted as the title song ‘roh playboy’ of the debut album ‘the party the Recheu Haebeu can be frozen’ last August 2010. The member possessed altogether the large-scale key and it was called as 1 ‘the model rock’. It started with 9 groups originally but was many member secessions and recruit rough. It was active as 4 people systems including Hye U.S. bookkeeper quenchless this morning, and etc. since back in 2017. Nine Muses agency star empire presents this day report material and announces “for a long time sedate to conclude the activity of group after discussing, the headquarters of a party and Nine Muses members guide to the proprietary including the contract period expiration, and etc” 14″ the day the last digital single ‘ the Remember (Remember) ‘. It is the fan meeting Nainmyu on 24th lastly. All official activities of the Seu were finished and it revealed. After all, “there were a lot of the real classics and it is a pity” (ghdw****) ” disassemble the fans in the secession news of Nine Muses. The group which it is so unfortunate, is so a pity with ” (ygog****) “there was a lot of the trouble” (kwon****) “it thinks to be the group in which there are the lot of the influential people” (yoen****) ” It will root, the reactoin that ” (kwj9****) back is a pity was shown and the pass for was rooted afterward.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745265.htm, 2019/02/12 00:00:11]