‘item’ idiot inspection general purport Korean translation of Chinese character Vs socio pass The expectation ↑ from the initial


The returning home in glory first show after comeback ‘item’ of the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character captivated TV viewers from the first broadcastings. The fantasy blockbuster ‘item’ (the script Chung the direction Gimseonguk · Miyeon Park) which MBC offers ambitiously broadcasted the initial on 11th and ‘Sunsak’ decided on one hours for the degree of concentration like the supernatural powers. 1, 2 times the audience rating 4.0%, 4.9 % (the Nielsen Korea standard and (the) whole household) were recorded and the smooth departure was informed before. (the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character) boiled this day river down witnesses the man causing a scare in the restaurant. One drum was with one hand lifted and one threw him, whereas for the wall hit with the fist, the mark dug deeply remained. This bracelet seen in Gonlee Kang the day before dream is filled in his arm. After waging the scuffle against the number of ancientry losing the Ppureot high and strength, as to Gangon, the number of ancientry fell the bracelet from the situation where it is strangled to the inside the water in this with the bracelet. The flower garden president of group tax sulfur (kangwoo Kim) is the socio pass where there is the number which hides Identity and sheds the tear of this kind of crocodile. The one, which is collected in the huge safe which it can open with its own fingerprint recognition He sticks morbidly directly, the item It was the between in which I vacate the house and reason why the bracelet disappeared, it discovered, it explodes the enormous anger. At that time, the polaroid camera outputted the photo leaf. The appearance from behind of the child holding the bracelet in the seaside some people was contained. Directly, the nephew da of the Gangon Everyone phosphorus playing in the seashore discovers the bracelet disappearing with the number of ancientry. The Gangon meantime arriving at the front of villa to be lived in Seoul with the nephew everyone phosphorus At that time, the man coming into the eye was the shoot the soul which finished the exercise directly and came. She was clearly this woman who it fell from its own in dream, greeted. In order to avoid the flowerpot setting beyond this moment surprised at the situation where it cannot believe once again where there is no and overhead of the shoot the soul, Gangon threw the bogy quickly. The shoot the soul which gets to lean on the bosom of the unfamiliar man looking strangely at me it was bored In this way, face the unfamiliar woman and coming up to the capital first day seen in the dream after the bracelet, that is the item exhibiting the power which it cannot believe. As to the drama 3 and 4 times, today, (12 days) is broadcasted at 10 p.m.
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