ITZY ‘it asks to be different’ MV and 14 million the view breakthrough.’ in the dayThe of small but sturdy build girl ‘


ITZY (there is) proves the hot popularity from the formal debut. Today, (12 days) asks to be the first digital single album ‘IT’ Z Different (the dipper runt there is) ‘title song’ different at 6 p.m., JYP entertainment (under JYP), in 2019, the rising star ITZY brings out and the formality makes debut. As to agency, the line revealed on 11th 0 o’clock ‘it asks to be different’ music video, that is the ago, prior to this with the debut a day. It asked to be different and as to music video, the opening to the public broke through 4.55 million views, that is the music video 24 hours maximum hit record of K the pop debut group, in 11 hours. 10 million views were exceeded in 18 hours. ITZY was the first time that music video of K the pop debut group broke through 10 million views within 24 hours, ‘it asks to be different’ keeping the hit sudden increase exceeded 14 million views after 10 million view breakthrough in 24 hours of opening to the public and the popularity and topic which the man of god of ‘the girl group reputable family JYP’ Dap was proved. Especially, the music video rose to YouTube Korea and the first place of U.S.A popularity sudden increase video, Great Britain popularity sudden increase video 2, and etc. and demonstrated the global interest about ITZY. The So What?I am the same as the Chinese clarinet ‘it asks to be different’ sees the appearance with ‘the Fusion Groove’ sound gathering the merit of many genres including EDM, house, hip-hop, and etc. I ‘m sorry I don’ T Care.” the attention doesn’t write down It is the tune smelling of the atmosphere which overflows even when the message which “the Naya in which I like me now” back acts with confidence is cheerful to beat. The new girl group does iTZY which JYP shows after the WonderGirls, Miss A, and Tteuwaiseu have ‘ you’s needs all? There be. Have the meaning. Meantime, it opens the recording song of the title song ‘it asks to be different’ and debut digital single album ‘IT’ Z Different’ to every kind sound source site at 6 o’clock this afternoon and as to ITZY, the formality makes debut.
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