‘the fating duo’, today, (12 days) world of singers candidacy


The singer song writer duo silo, that is the god which the black eyed certain victory excavates, threw hat in the world of singers on 12th. Like this, the agency high work entertainment told that formality made debut in the world of singers that it revealed and the debut single ‘when that time and we love’ was put on sale in the silo at 6 o’clock this afternoon. The debut single ‘when that time and we love’ of the silo is the pop ballad song of the theme which recalls the loved moment and recalls us of this days. The existence which is not each other after parting was progressing. However, at that time, the delicate mind which wishes to be kept was warmly expressed in this attitude. The silo was in charge of the writing the lyrics and composition directly and especially, this tune decorated the first steps as the singer more significantly. The ability as the singer song writer is planning to be shown through the lyrical housekeeping in which it contains to be ardent after the sound which is warm and sensitive and farewell. Moreover, the new musical composition of the melody which becomes more and more on the other line and abundant string sound and seems to be sad even when being beautiful looks forward to it causes to be dim and can carve the name of the silo to the listeners. It is the Jo Hyeon multiplication which is born in the year same day and person of the same age duo composed of the master artisan Tae with the interval. The raw 2 member met fating on April 15th and It became the silo. And it is the feeling which it comes and goes between the meeting and team expressing the idea with the music. It is the plan to boast the musical ability wide of the various genre including the Ballard, rhythm and blues, being almost similar, and etc. through the album, that is the sale plan, with the singer song writer group combine the vocal and ability to write music with the gap altogether with 2 member in the future in every month. The debut single of the silo can appreciate today, (12 days) in every kind sound source site from 6 p.m.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745364.htm, 2019/02/12 17:01:03]