The Gimbyeong precious stone and drunk driving exposure…” with the resident report… it parks(speciality)


The actor Gimbyeong precious stone was indicted without detention for the DUI (driving under the influence) charge. The cause NT left the formal apology in the homepage with the agency more on 12th and this kind of fact was acknowledged. As to agency, ” actor who belongs to company Gimbyeong precious stone caused the work which the drinking connection is scandalous on 12th in the formal apology. It ignored reason and the responsibility was being deeply without room fully realize of the excuse and Byeongoak Kim and agency apologized. And “the Gimbyeong precious stone is loved and it causes anxiety to many people and the sorry heart there be no way to be suppressed and the Jikkyeobwa gaze is apologized truly to cause the scandal which absolutely it will shouldn’t do” the head were drooped. It told that method was rapidly found so that the damage didn’t may go to the utmost to many people concerned working together in connection with the fixed decided afterward. Previously, the Gimbyeong precious stone is the situation where it is indicted without detention in the Road Traffic Act DUI (driving under the influence) charge by Buchoen Kyonggi wonmi-soup police station on 12th. It drove at the liquor in the ground parking lot of Kyonggi-do Buchon-city one the apartment complex I with the drunkenness and He was caught by 50 minutes this day at 12 a.m. The police was dispatched to the report of the resident and this was uncovered. The report of “when there is the car driven strangely in the parking lot” the town people was gotten and the police exposed Kim who was mobilized and comes home. At that time, the blood alchol concentration was 0.085%, that is the suspension of license level. The police officer explained “it was the condition where the Gimbyeong precious stone enters the home with the moving with the moving at that time at that time and visited for the address directly and the drunk driving fact was exposed” “it is the plan which calls Kim sooner or later and which it investigates the exact drunk driving details, and etc. prior to” the future schedule. The Gimbyeong precious stone was spoken to the edaily about this “after drinking, the chauffeur service driver was called and it came up to the parking lot of an apartment complex but is the negligence that I am trying to park” on 12th. Unconditionally the Gimbyeong precious stone goes wrong My action is reflected. It was the mind which aroused criticism and is sorry for the fan and public and apologized. Presently, it is appearing on JTBC Geumto drama ‘the legal high’. Under is the agency official position speciality. It is the Deo family NT. As to the actor who belongs to company Byeongoak Kim, the thing which the drinking connection is scandalous happened on 12th. The reason Bulmunhagogimbyeong precious stone Ssi and agency are fully realize the responsibility of the excuse without room deeply. Byeongoak Kim there be no way to be loved and it causes anxiety to many people and the Jikkyeobwa gaze there be no way to suppress the sorry heart. And it apologizes truly to cause the scandal which absolutely it will shouldn’t do. The method decide to be rapidly found so that many people concerned Bundeul Jjeum maximum damage working together on fixed decided afterward will not may go. Hang once again head and apologize deeply.
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