The giving announcer and this human rights and passionate love? …”The man love the wife “


To the utmost denied this human rights announcer and love affair in which the announcer giving SBS hold the male fans the majority in the cute appearance becomes a subject of discussion recently, the announcer who SBS power FM ‘the power FM of the Kim Yeong iron’ broadcasted with 12 with the day in the morning gives appeared and ‘the office worker life of research’ corner was together worked on. All Kkeureot the attention this day major announcer tells “in case it is the same as the base, the man love is the strict regulation to not absolutely do”Asked in the end of ace announcer as the Kim Yeong iron “it doesn’t meet this human rights announcer, whether” and absolutely ace announcer is not in this. It was the close interval with this human rights announcer but said positively. After that, firm one’s rule was again emphasized, saying that it was “the reason absolutely the man love with is not fallen in love” this. Meantime, the Seoul Women’s University press public relation department from was graduated with 11 month raw in 1992 and the giving announcer began a career as SBS announcer. Presently, ‘the football magazine goal’It is appearing. [the entertainment planning department |
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