The JBJ95 and ‘the Ppaenaen star’ rising star vote 4 the week the series 1 the Wi


The duo JBJ95 climbed ‘the Ppaenaen star’ rising star vote 4 week series 1 Wi. 152,078 tickets were gotten from ‘the Ppaenaen star’ 2 month first week fan Ras on vote proceeding from 4th until 11th and JBJ95 was risen per B. It got 53,633 tickets and ㅇ the golden child achieved the splendid achievement risen per B that after that, Taehyun Roh learned 98,562 tickets and the later time was stayed in the second. It is the abbreviation of the fan Ras prize ‘***’ Ppaenaen star rising star ‘. ‘the Ppaenaen star’ selects arbitrarily and the candidate installs against the artist having the potential to rise as the general trend afterward. If it is the artist grow to the distinct musical activity regardless of the year of debut and sex and age in orderly manner, it can go up to someone or candidate. In ‘the fan Ras prize’, if the first place for 5 weeks in a row is occupied, the special benefit is given. Firstly, Korea and Japan and all Allin the news of prize winning in China Deoppaekteu site It is not only for Korea and the happy news receiving the fan Ras prize of can be heard in the overseas. The chance which gives the news of prize winning to the overseas and which it can be developed into the global cold current artist can be gotten. Especially rise to ‘the Deoppaekteu music awards’ candidate taking place on April 24th. The image congratulating the winning an award is and screened at Korean subway 2 line 43 alteration waiting room. The trophy is and delivered directly and the mind of the fans is planning to be together conveyed. The nickname ‘KIEN’ in 1 news of the JBJ95 “JBJ95 The Sang germs Kkentta From now, the beginning Root for Jekkung it congratulates the pan Ras 4 week series 1 Wi, the ~ glitters always. The Jekkung pair can have together for a long time. It told.
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