‘the license-free hit-and-run’ Seongwon Sohn “the panic disorder enlistment dissipating like the mists” V S “5 only the suspicion”


The enlistment dissipating like the mists in the panic disorder The actor Seongwon Sohn (29) causing the hit-and-run accident by the license-free drunk driving complained of the phrenalgia and the bail (the conditionality release) was requested. However, the suspicion is almost 5. The hazardous driving dentiform and fleeing dentiform, in the Road Traffic Act driving without license, and drunk driving are the non-management, and etc. after thinking. It is reflecting at the detention center everyday but the nature of a crime is bad. Because of legally being forgiven, He is seen to the public as one going for the distant way. Seongwon Sohn said in the first trials opened with the detective in Seoul Central Court 7 single (the head judge kicking the red flag) mental state “admit the charge altogether” “it got to know once again how the responsibility which is given to the authorization as this was big” on 11th. After all, Seongwon Sohn who the license was already cancelled due to the drunk driving was arrested at September last year and its own fault said be realized. He can know how the risk about the drunk driving and on seriousness was ignorant. The car of the father possession was driven and the other car was crashed and Seongwon Sohn ran away to the drunken state to 20 minutes from the Seoul Gangnam-ku Chungdam-dong Hak-dong crossways at December last year a.m. 4 on 26th. His blood alchol concentration was the withdrawal of license level with 0.206% at that time. Cross the center line in the drunk driving and fleeing process. The accident driver of the damaged vehicle and fellow passenger suffered the mirror image. It was once and caught by three DUI history (history of driving under the influence of alcohol drugs) in the past last year and He was already the license-free status. It is “when it felt bitterly with the body so far thinking so easily of the law” and it lives in ” detention center and Seongwon Sohn is reflecting Seongwon Sohn on this day trial truly day by day. This crime will not be again committed and it will go on living correctly and told. The counsel of Seongwon Sohn installed “seongwon Sohn was suffering from the panic disorder and the enlistment was canceled” “in order to be judged and do the trouble for the future, Seongwon Sohn considers. Freely”. However, the panic disorder statement of the counsel built the large-scale critical public opinion. The panic disorder?some netizens are half-witted it exercises self-discipline “the fine, much, I don’t have the common panic disorder trouble” (yobj****) ” mouse dies That guy lifelong buckwheat flower, not, all Doen Even if there is the man who doesn’t decide on the drunk driving lifetime, there is no man installing once, the reaction of ” (s203****) “the panic disorders aren’t fed and if it is the habitual criminal, the reflection can add within this” (yr91****) back is shown. Another netizen thinks that ” man didn’t die, he shouldn’t be released on the bail. It is never once not and connives much and no. 2 is not. Drink and drive and if it comes out to the bail. Mwo the steering wheel will be and held ” (b790****) will be halfway been anyway and the dead can happen by then. Then, one human life is screwed up with the traffic accident and ” (wkdq****) is no. 3. As to the panic disorder, can you drink and can drive? It has to know to be connected to four numbers of Naep head and face to the murder as it is, the withdrawal of license comes to ” (mill****) “the potential killer who believes in the future and filters” (swee****) ” those children Daesunya The steering wheel has been being and held, the then is seen maybe that the real person puts a damper but installs and because ” (soyo****) ” I sees. As if there was more a lot of the day which did and it doesn’t take, the voice of the criticism of ” (tmxk****) back is made. ” (seongwon Sohn) ‘changhoh Yoon method’ 1 the number the entertainer was not, “***” Changhoh Yoon law was passed at December last year on 24th and the counsel of this day Seongwon Sohn was and carried out this year from June 25th and Seongwon Sohn case occurred last year on December 26th. It did that Seongwon Sohn was not arrested due to Changhoh Yoon law. It was the opposition about the qualifier that it is previously ‘changhoh Yoon method’ 1 number celebrity. However, seongwon Sohn is not ‘changhoh Yoon method’ 1 number celebrity, or it is the obvious fact that He committed a crime. Rather the counter result is caused to rather make the various excuses in the situation where it can be forgiven even if it does the reflection which the sincerity is young. It is the time to do the reflection in which the sincerity which the clumsy excuse is not to Seongwon Sohn is contained now.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745271.htm, 2019/02/12 00:00:14]