The licorice root in the pharmacy and new and fresh child · Kim Geeyeong · Jangjinhui in ‘extreme Job’


While the movie ‘extreme Job’ coming true is the spirit every day, the eyes is the mind of the audience concentrated on the since tillers. On the 23rd of last month, solder 한 ‘extreme Job’ drew jollily the story which gets wider since it became so that ‘the narcotic chicken’ which five Ibnang of narcotic team of the disorganizational crisis founds the stomach for the criminal syndicate sweeping could become popular by the good restaurant instantly. About 214,300 audience was gathered and the day before ‘extreme Job’ ranking about 13.0502 million accumulated audience according to Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network on 12th. There are the licorice root actors going to extremes besides the star Ryu Seongryong this west wind ferryboat Gyu Idonghwi consonance most of all abundantly. The since tiller 3 including new and fresh child Kim Geeyeong Jangjinhui, and etc. was pointed out. ◆ ‘the chicken the magic glass ~’…’The face new and fresh child who the grain of sesame smile ‘ new and fresh child is pleased was severely in my role with the deceitful acting and the large-scale smile was induced. The name is done and the character of new and fresh child the special appearing is the trilaminar ma’am. New and fresh child appear in the timing just needed for the peculiar personality and fascination and adds the abundant flesh to the smile element. ◆ ‘the sympathy hundredfold’ burnt alum Jang wife Kim Geeyeong steam magnetism the soul donated the special as the heroine burnt alum Jang wife character and stimulated the consensus of the audience sufficiently and inspired the pleasant smile. Appearing every scene gives vent to the suppressed laughter. The small talk was pumped upon Banjang Ko whom it fails always in the promotion. The funny situation was expressed with the remarkable acting ability in the realistic inside which is drawn in the course where it bickers to be flowing. ◆ the face unfamiliar of the eyes which the girl crush charisma, bodyguard Sonhui Jangjinhui large height, and charisma overflow captivated the attention of the audience. The resentful rookie Jangjinhui attracts attention to the bodyguard Sonhui character protecting the?pear (shin Ha Kyun) in the nearest-neighbor. The strong impression was left as the nap controlling the relative with the splendid action in the pole swiftly. It debutted as Seoul collection Yeonghui Lee Syo as the rookie actor of the former model which Chang battle formation is white in 2002. It played an active part in the majority fashion magazine, music video as well as the advertisement, and movie and the public had been being met.
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