The present plentiful of the actor that damage caused hail battle formation and work fan meeting successful closing… big handed


The actor damage caused hail battle formation finished Japan fan meeting in the prosperity Ri. Like this, the stingy agency mountain movement opened the developing photo of the independence fan meeting ‘deo special Valentine’s Day’ (The Special Valentine’s Day) of the damage caused hail battle formation which is held on 11th Tokyo in Japan Ttoyoseu PIT which revealed and which it is over on 12th. About 1,000 local fan it fills up this day seat fullness was met and the damage caused hail battle formation spent the pleasant time during according to the agency. It was planned so that this fan meeting which is specially ready on the occasion of the Valentine’s Day, that is the day considering the love, could observe that damage caused hail gin promises at November last year, Japan fan meeting, at that time, “meet again soon” the fan. While the electrocrystallization was sold out in the day at that time, this fan meeting got to be prepared for the fans who were unable to realize the hot global popularity for the damage caused hail battle formation and be yet together. This day fan meeting progressed to the Q&a through the prior questionnaire of the fans about the damage caused hail battle formation, gift event, Valentine’s Day chocolate event, and etc. on the occasion of the Valentine’s Day. The Japanese fan chose any kind of job if It didn’t become the merit of the damage caused hail gin and disadvantage and actor, whether if the Japanese fan dated with the damage caused hail gin, asked where the Japanese fan wanted to go and moreover the Japanese fan answered in all sincerity and made the pleasant memory. “the number It many sides to send together the damage caused hail battle formation and hour?” among the prior questionnaire One fan talked to the question “it will ask to have the cooking (ginseng chicken broth) all day long” and it gave an answer “when the ginseng chicken broth will be made and I will wash” and the damage caused hail gin showed figure which the epitome of boyfriend Dap to this. This day persecution gin lifted the fans as figure where there is the consistently Witt and said place and led the fan meeting to be harmonious. After that, maoning message was recorded with the fans wining through the lot in the cellphone directly and the picture album and is hard to be simultaneously sold out with the shine LED mask and starting of sale and find photo card, sign firefighter calendar, and etc. which of was unsparingly given a present. The chocolate gift which it cannot exclude if it decided and on the Valentine’s Day was continued. The damage caused hail gin showing the looks that it will give all ones for the fans to the end including the high touch time, and etc. in the group picture shooting and lobby presented the recollection which it will be unable to forget to the local fans for 3 hours. The damage caused hail battle formation promised once again “it will come to say greetings and surely the Japanese fan come to meet again by the good work soon”.
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