The scene put loving ♥ Woorim Kim ‘the salt mixed with powdered sesame every day’… highest ratings 9%?


The everyday which loving Kim soaked, it considers the Alkongdal bean of the couple was revealed in SBS variety program ‘the couple lived together but thought differently 2- you my destiny’ which Kim who ‘the couple lived together but thought differently 2’ is friendly soaked, the newly-married life of feeling sweet the couple concentrated the attention, the day is broadcasted with 11. In this day broadcasting, the nickname of Woorim Kim spoke as ‘our U.S’ and It the Jeongyeo luck the rain forest became ‘ our beauty. It got married and stuck together continuously and explained. The couple lay down together and it faced and he brushed the teetth. Every day when the sesame pours was shown such as the Jeongyeo luck carried Woorim Kim on back and it took to the restroom., etc. According to the surveyor of program ratings Nielsen Korea, this scene surged to the capital area furniture audience rating standard Bundang highest ratings 9%. Moreover, the one’s innermost feeling which it is unable to tell easily was revealed and it was the mind of the viewer heavy on stomach. On Chung chaff pondering over various options fact of divorce mentioned Woorim Kim and the dad didn’t know on Chung chaff pondering over various options situation at first with ” fact. There was a little the selfish days but the attention didn’t spend the job or past and it saw without prejudice and wanted to give and the unit of measure was not done and the name was revealed. However, Kim soaked, the father got to learn fortuitously about the loving divorce article. Kim soaked, ” husband saw the mother the Chung chaff pondering over various options divorce article. The mother said cry in the car all day long. However, it was living with the attitude in which the daughter is happy. It thought if the daughter could endure if it not could be said to meet and at the time was reminisced. Kim soaked, also “the idea got. It was to not become the meeting with one 10,000 which the dad cries if the dad was like that difficult, the brother can not meet, the word installed ‘ me in advance” the tear was shed and the situation where it has painful was recalled.
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