‘the time secession romance ♥’ without Hahn, Han Geemin X Namjuhyeok ‘it is dazzling’ and A/S


JTBC TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘it is dazzling’ (the script southward Gyu · Kim Su-jin and direction Kim Seok gloss) 1 time when the time secession romance ‘it is dazzling’ met the viewer at last, it broadcasts the day with 11 recorded the audience rating 3.2 % (the Nielsen Korea standard and (the) whole household) and the easy first start was informed before. This day broadcasting tapped the mind of the viewers with the smile and cheerful sympathy warm sympathy and ‘the sensibility synergy’ presented till the anticipation. In 1 time, the secret of 25 hyeja (the Hahn, Han Geemin) having the ability turning the time was uncovered. There was the surprising ability turning the time upside down. However, the watch picked up in the childhood seashore had to be the compensation growing old as much as the turned time Chireo. The amusement of the brother was avoided. In order to get up late, hyeja who it took care to take the quiz well and turns the hour carelessly was quickly grown more than the others. The watch was sealed in the worry of the parents in the deep place. Unawares, hyeja who It becomes 25 had the dream of the announcer. However, the Uppeun (it is sad even though it is funny) everyday during the reality was being lived as the interior of a room white water. Hyeja had the cenosis (namjuhyeok) and the fresh first meetings in the broadcasting circle empty which it went in order to see the senior encouragement Ho (hyun-woo) which it loved in vain. The remarkable spec which the aspirant phosphorus is based upon when crawling and visual, already, the celebrity The first meetings of the correction Hawwah remained as the sick memory. Sinya why It becomes the announcer The cenotic question faced up to the reality of hyeja painfully if the effort of about to answer by oneself was done, and it was not. However, one shot of 2 people getting back together again at the unexpected place became close more. One which the correction Hawwah getting back together again at the neighborhood sanatorium objection to construction spot of demonstration which in place of mom it goes out As to hyeja, “when one unit of measure was all the fact then, it intimated freshly to feel me and it was the same as the trash and I disgusted” exposed the honest mind. As to didn’t know to be ” neighborhood resident based upon towards that hyeja. The micro was handed over with the speaking it saw frequently. There was the reason why it had a pain in the cenotic end and was shameful to hyeja I. The announcer prepared in the expectancy of the mom. However, the reality was not humble. It was the original not one shops in other words. Hyeja who finished the adult film dubbing part time work and whom it comes to the introduction of the senior for was gone to the front of house street vendor to the mixed mind. The correction Hawwah clank again on that place. 2 people had a drink and was the sincerity the trouble of me. If the time can be turned, it will not go to ” grandmother which is based upon the question of hyeja if it will want to do what. It was to the thing like me take on and not as in hell live, it had the painful confession. ‘the drunk ending’ of hyeja who takes out the watch saying that it will listen the story which is the cenotic unfortunate and will return the time amplified the curiosity in the development to. Meantime, there is in the woman who is unable to try all the given time and loses and man who throws by oneself the moment which is brilliant than someone against and lives the spiritless life and same time but ‘it is dazzling’ draws the time secession romance of 2 man and women living a life of the mutually different time. It tells to be precious of the time when it passes up through 25 youth ‘the hyeja (kim Hye Ja and Hahn, Han Geemin)’ which grows old at the moment when losing the time which is fairly given to someone meaninglessly and moment which it enjoyed naturally. As to two times of drama, today, (12 days) is broadcasted at 9:30 p.m.
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