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‘the girl group reputable family’ JYP entertainment offered the girl group ‘ITZY (there is)’, that is the god, in 4 years. It puts name in every kind music chart top 10 from the debut immediately after with the title song ‘it asks to be different’ and the music video opening to the public 48 time reference hit 33.8 million view is exceeded and the unchallenged sense of presence is exhibited as the performance of K the pop debut group. The member person various sides which captivated the public attention from the formal debut early and raised the debut expectation is splendid. It donated SBS ‘3 K pop star’ and Mnet ‘sikseuttin’ and effeminacy to the Mnet ‘the stray kids’ etc. and ‘LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel’ of the bulletproof Boy Scouts and JTBC ‘the mix court lady’ and Chaeryeong SBS ‘the Fan’ and Ryuchin became a hot issue. Here, ‘JYP hidden card’ rear joined when being the character. It was called as “monster” rookie ‘ ‘2,019 year world of singers eye of a typhoon ‘ etc. and it made previously debut than ITZY informing the splendid start before and the girl group history of JYP entertainment was saved in the senior groups had been use. ◆ the WonderGirls Idol group WonderGirls debutted as the first album ‘The Wonder Begins’ at 02 13th in 2007. The strong impression was left to the public as the debut title song ‘Irony’ and of small but sturdy build start was a step taken to the world of singers. The secession of the debut early member string was undergone but the hit song parade which scouted Yoo Bin and which it continues ‘Tellme’ ‘So Hot’ ‘Nobody’ etc. was kept and it was developed into the top girl group among ‘ idol. Hyerim was scouted after stern secession and ‘2 Different Tears’ (2010) 2 album ‘Wonder World’ (2011) back album was released and the steady activity was kept. The formation declared the official disband after top cliping and Sohui secession last February 2017 in 10 years. ◆ the world of singers first button was inserted at July 1st in 2010 debut album ‘Bad But Good’ which Miss A girl group Miss scrapes. The unchallenged pass which took the first place of every kind music chart and takes care of the first place of terrestrial music broadcasting with the debut title song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ at the time to the girl group shortest period of time (22 days) was displayed. In this injury Mnet ‘Asian Music Awads’, it was suspicious and the topic of conversation and ripple force ‘the song prize of this year’ and ‘the woman Rookie of the Year award’ was proved. After ‘the brace’ (Breathe), ‘the exorcism bi baby’ (Good-Bye Baby), ‘touch’ (Touch), ‘there is no man, it is rich’, and ‘Hershey’ (Hush) etc. majority hit song was released and the active world of singers team activity was kept. However, after all, the dismantling was announced in 2017 and the Miss in which the activity of group is more and more unfrequent scrapes with the member each private activity including the performance activity of the resin, Chinese activity of the pay and Ji, musical of Min and article talents activity, and etc. the period of the year 7 was marked. ◆ the debut was informed through the album ‘THE STORY BEGINS’ which the girl group Tteu Y appearing like the Tteuwaiseu 2,015 year and world of singers comet is worm-eaten. ‘CHEERUP’ ‘TT’ ‘KNOCK KNOCK’ ‘SIGNAL’ ‘HEART SHAKER’ ‘LIKEY’ ‘What is Love?’ the Tteu Y informing the first starts of of small but sturdy build girls through the debut title song ‘OOH-AHH is done’ is worm-eaten The music chart higher rank was swept every the tune in which it announces till ‘Dance The Night Away’ ‘Yes or Yes’ every day and it acceded to the worthy of name ‘the sole striker girl group’. Besides, it was suspicious and was the Mnet Asian music award ‘the song prize of this year’ (2016) twenty sixth time Leewon Ha Seoul Music Award ‘the treble original state’ (2017) and Mnet Asian music awards ‘the woman Geurupsang’ (2018) etc. developed into the large girl group.
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