6 service receptions including Naver, bar eve · line in ‘IF design award’, and etc.


On 13th, all Bahyeot 6 services provided by the own company were suspicious in ‘IF design award 2019’ in which Naver is selected as the world 3 shot design prize The service in which Naver is suspicious in this ‘IF design award 2019’ the artificial intelligence (AI) music streaming service app ‘the bar eve’ and AI speaker ‘the claw bar Friends mini’, Seumatteuwo worth of ‘arkie’ for the child, contents manufacturer the Naver webtoon establishes ‘LICO’, business use collaboration tool ‘the line’, and AI radio earphone ‘ Maseu which. The Jeom which AI music streaming service app bar eve prescribes ‘heart’, that is the object which writes the user preference and has the important symbolism, as the symbol of the brand, the Chat blastema delivers the beyond Personal Taste ‘like’ of the general meaning the symbolism called ‘key’ between user and service simultaneouslyThe active rhythm showing while the user used the app whenever it wrote the preference in ‘heart’ and color was given a favorable reception in that the various taste oves the individuals was symbolized. The artificial intelligence speaker claw bar Friends mini of Naver got the high grade in that the sensibility of the cute character was shown in the electronic device which can be stiffly felt at the slightest slip and it didn’t order to the machine but made to could talk as talked comfortably to the friend. LTE smart Kkijeuwo worth of Arkie in which the exact room · Oe location description of Naver Labs is applied got favorable reviews as the combination of the concise beauty of sculpture of the high percentage of completion and refined color · meterial from 67 screening boards. LICO is the digital contents speciality manufacture company that Naver webtoon corporation establishes in order to test the various digital contents and make around the animation. All Banneun the evaluation that it expanded the message in the question called ‘what is the define of the life which you think?’ and LICO, that is the abbreviation of ‘Life is Comic’, built the internal brandingThe Mat the focus in the essence of the acoustic-apparatus it was easy, it expressed the core concept in which the various main bodies were over the constraint in the space and which accomplishes the collaboration with the accumulation through W icon and the line, that is the first place of Japan business collaboration platform, was given a favorable reception, that besides it offers the sound of the good quality which the smart acoustic-apparatus brand bad luck including Naver techonology withers. The result which danced and proceeds with the branding for the concept of ‘MARS FOR EARS’ for was gained recognition. In the meantime, while 6,375 arts was altogether exhibited in 7 sections in 50 countries, 67 examiners consisting of the specialists in every country conducted the judgment.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745432.htm, 2019/02/13 13:00:26]