Are AOA Geemin and no problem one right? …”The serious level “


After putting the cell Carle as the appearance which is parched up so that AOA Geemin could don’t recognize, the wavelength was big. It is having the comment which the worry of the fans is young continuously such as the name of Geemin goes up to the real time searching Eo higher rank, etc. Geemin revealed the picture put the recent condition in its own Instagram recently at last 12th. The appearance which the revealed photo center Geemin is having the funny look and pause made, however, the weight decreases to be different from the appearance which the activity was fine at that time and was very energetic. In this regard, the interest of the fans rose. Then the agency FNC entertainment spurned this day “when there is no problem in the health of Geemin”. However, the fans are the sense which is concerned about the health of Geemin and is embarrassed with the changed appearance. As to the netizens, because of coming out to seems to blow on “it is the same as the man having a pain with the real where” (kibo****) and “TV, does the greed appear repeatedly? As doing it, the eating disorder will come. The eye line of the concern toward Geemin was sent by ” (rlae****), “it was so parched up and will not be no problem” (skys****) “it is about which is serious and anxious” (dju0****), and comment of “there is not no problem but it is likely to become a problem” (zone****) etc. as if the stress was not to just this extent or that. Meantime, the new musical composition ‘the Bing text bangle’ is announced in last May and the group AOA in which Geemin belongs is active.
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