‘D-7’ Geesung Yoon and second opinion concept photo opening to the public…’Always, your chapter


The singer Geesung Yoon revealed the second opinion concept of the first solo album ‘Aside’. The hundred (hundred) version concept photo of the first the solo album ‘Aside’ (aside) and image was published in the midnight and formal SNS on 13th and Geesung Yoon held the expectation for the solo debut in reverence. The aspects of Geesung Yoon shined on the greenhouse which the revealed photo is full of the plant of the blue is contained. The warm inside atmosphere Geesung Yoon who the natural light beats down harmonizes with the flower and tree and cause the peculiar mood which is clear and pure and turn off the attention. Because the gerbera flower having the mystery and that it is pure, flower language is placed at the shoulder of Geesung Yoon, especially the curiosity is raised. In addition, the bright sunlight the revealed concept image heart Geesung Yoon is received against and the easy and graceful time is spent during. The beautiful melody of the title song ‘In the Rain’ was added to the sensitive visual art and the sensitive environment was completed. If Geesung Yoon expressed previously the looks in which the belief of the fans and support arrived from one had the stage aside through revealed ‘room’ (room) ‘room’ (room) version concept lonelily and which brightens gradually, the fans were likened to the nature and sunlight and the message of which is aside Geesung Yoon was always put in this ‘hundred’ version concept. Like this, the thankful mind toward the fan who believes and supports me anytime, where was shown in the solo album. The solo album ‘Aside’ is putting ‘stage aside’ ‘stage aside’, that is the lines in the play, the meaning called ‘Always on your side’ of the meaning called ‘it is always your chapter’ with the motive. The title song ‘In the Rain’ showed the frank feeling greeting the farewell without the preparation with love this with the pop ballad genre in which the orchestra melody gets joined together with the sensitive melody. Meantime, the first solo album ‘Aside’ is announced p.m. 6 on 20th and Geesung Yoon starts into the title song ‘In the Rain’ into the real solo activity.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745402.htm, 2019/02/13 09:44:10]