It puts and the stuff is gotten through with ‘the hot blood priest’ by this west wind and ‘extreme Job’.


The actor this west wind comes back to TV after long interval. The Geumto drama ‘the hot blood priest’ (the script Jaebeom Park and direction ear noises mistake) tried for the first time is gone through in SBS Presently, the interest is concentrated if this west wind joining in the actor rank can get with a flapping through the stuff by the breaking movie ‘extreme Job’ (the supervision Lee Byung-hun) in the drama. In this drama, this west wind is predicted in showing another looks even when being similar to Hyeongsa Jang whom it takes care in ‘extreme Job’. In ‘the hot blood priest’, the station where the testing Park Jjeum that He ins charge of undertakes is perfect but the clumsiness is in this inside and it is quite similar to Hyeongsa Jang station. However, the difference of the character seems to come to cold figure having the strong goal called success. Catholic priest Kimhae work (the person to leave Kim) and idiot criminal globe Great Britain (the steam Seong dividing equally) meets for the murder case and Kyongson Park goes into the criminal investigation cooperation among the pole. It appears as the existence obstructing these. Kyongson Park was conveyed according to the production crew this west wind was not hateful to be the villain but was planning to express lovingly. This west wind introduced on Kyongson Park role “the person as well as who it is warm, is having together from the clumsiness the features which rushes it is not it hides any hardship it has the goal of the strong life called ‘ success ‘” which I in charge of through the production crew. After that, it told “the appearance of Kyongson Park coming and going hot and cold pools approached charming” “in order to be not to play a role of figure of the both sides and lose the center of the character, it is trying”. While ‘extreme Job’ breaks through 13 million audiences, the expectancy is high in the aspects of this west wind to be shown in ‘the hot blood priest’. While the criticism that it is the Eoureo vagina one comes out well, his in two pages of image who is the city easy-going fascination the performance about the drama is judged. ‘the hot blood priest’ production crew “the character of the inspection Kyongson Park that is absolutely not obvious is likely to be born through the unique fascination of this west wind” told. Meantime, SBS first Geumto drama ‘the hot blood priest’ is broadcasted on the coming 15th at 10 o’clock p.m. for the first time.
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