ITZY (there is) ‘it asks to be different’ and 5 music chart normality.”sAlso the topic of conversation ‘there is’


The hot topic of conversation was proved, the debut digital single ‘IT’ Z Different (the dipper runt there is) ‘title song’ of ITZY which the day is revealed to each sound source site with 12 at 6 p.m. asked to be different and ITZY (there is) put ITZY (there is) name in the opening to the public immediately after every kind music chart TOP10 from the debut immediately after. After that, the standard was lost a.m. 8 on 13th. N real-time music chart tops including orle music, sound sea, bucks, and etc. were occupied. Moreover, it rose to the overseas 9 area Aittyunjeu chart top including the standard Japan, Hong kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and etc. in the afternoon on 12th and the attention of global community was proved. It is the unlike other people register in YouTube. Because of being the opening to the public 44 hour 50 minute, 30 million views, that is 10,000, through are broken and 48 time reference hit 33.8 million view is exceeded and ‘it asks to be different’ music video is exhibiting the unchallenged sense of presence according to the agency as the performance of K the pop debut group. Especially it can pay attention more that hit transition is rising up more. As to music video, which 0 eye lines of on 11th, that is the ago, is revealed the opening to the public broke previously through 4.55 million views, that is the music video 24 hours maximum hit record of K the pop debut group, with the formal debut a day in 11 hours. After that, 10 million views were exceeded in 18 hours and 14 million views were achieved in 24 hours. ITZY that it breaks through 10 million views within 24 hours one of K the pop debut group is the first. All Haet.’ local and foreign getting popularity ‘it asks to be different’ music video is and risen to YouTube Korea and the first place of U.S.A popularity sudden increase movie, Great Britain popularity sudden increase movie 2, and etc. It asks to be different and is the tune smelling of the atmosphere which overflows even when ‘the advantage of many genres including EDM, house, hip-hop, and etc. is gathered’ Fusion Groove (the fusion groove) ‘ sound and confident message is cheerful to beat. The new girl group does iTZY which JYP entertainment shows after the WonderGirls, Miss A, and Tteuwaiseu have ‘ you’s needs all? There be. Have the meaning.
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