Loving ♥ Woorim Kim and ‘divorce’ frontal breakthrough.’ in the broadcastingThe cheer dam water ‘


The appearance which the Jeongyeo luck undergone the pain of the parting enjoys the wife Woorim Kim of 10 years old swallowings and aspects of the Alkongdal bean new marriage was previously revealed once. It is not easy that newlyweds getting married newly takes the bygones that it is the divorce out from the broadcast but rather the frontal breakthrough is done and 2 people are getting many these cheers. In SBS variety program ‘the couple lived together but thought differently 2- you my destiny’ (under ‘ the couple lived together but thought differently 2’) broadcasted at last eleventh, every day of the wife Woorim Kim of the actor Jeongyeo luck and He was revealed. 2 people did to be the panels in studio surprised by the appearance which the temporary doesn’t fall. However, there was the pain from thises. The Jeongyeo luck got married in 2014 and divorces in 2016. After He, in 1 year, all Maeeot Woorim Kim of 10 years old swallowings and marriage vow At that time, the Jeongyeo luck considered the bride who is the people and presided over the private wedding ceremony. After getting married, about 2 months were over and after him opened the marriage formal method photo to its own Instagram. The aspects of wife the Dakk blastema was the appearance and this in which it shed the tear and where there is the Jeongyeo luck included in the photo. It added as “the day when my wish was realized” and He expressed the unlike other people love. Besides, the dated picture was continued and published and the newly-married life considered the Alkongdal bean was opened. ‘divorce’ which is not easy that 2 man confessed from the broadcasting was taken out and the front through was broken. In ‘the couple lived together but thought differently 2’, chung chaff pondering over various options wife’s mother told “the husband saw the Chung chaff pondering over various options divorce article. It cried in the car all day long” “however, it was living with the attitude in which the daughter is happy. It thought if the daughter could endure if it not could be said to meet”. After that, Woorim Kim “the idea got. What It doesn’t become the meeting only that the dad cried if the dad was like that difficult, was the brother can not meet, the word installed ‘ me in advance” the tear Heullyeot everyone The sympathy of the viewers was caused while the pain as the parents and pain as the daughter were completely revealed. Presently, the message of the cheer toward 2 people are pouring. It can be happy if the netizen met again “it will be right that it leaves quickly on the gone road of me if the real will not be right” (shle****) “if it is not right, it divorces and the really good relation is met and it would better be happily rich” (a248****) ” now one of a pair. Even if 20,000 was happy been, it succeeded, the class showed the reaction of ” (ksh7****) “when it sees and the new marriage comes to mind and it falls in love, it is so good to come to mind and see, the internet bullying doesn’t worry and buy happily” (mayb****) “it is happy one finding the real half before” (jhyi****) back. The Jeongyeo luck debutting as the mobile drama ‘5 stars’ in 2004 appeared on the drama of ‘5 Venus’ ‘the birth of the beauty woman’ ‘the wife scandal-wind booms’ ‘the gift-14 day of the god’ ‘the wonderful smallpox’ ‘the office worker early Korean paper’ ‘the romance town’ etc. He is the actor activity absent from MBC drama ‘you are unreasonable’ in 2017 lastly.
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