‘Show Time’ opening the Tony Ahn X Bae gloss Jeong got together


H.O.T. The entertainment academy stage 631 which Bae gloss Jeong of the Tony Ahn and Yamaaenhachikseu gets together holds the first regular performance. The goal that 2 people leading the Korean wave will get together and it will produce K pop star gets rid of the veil at last. Like this, the entertainment academy stage 631 explained on 13th to reveal and hold the first regular performance ‘Show Time’ in the blue Square chaos hall on the coming 16th at 4 p.m. As to the stage 631, the H.O.T. Tony Ahn and choreographing are Bae gloss Jeong and content enterprise Interpark and entertainment Hyeong K the pop man of ability training school which is together. The specialists of the horn field including the dance vocal rap smoke kids, and etc. get together and it is striving for K pop star exhaustion. ‘Show Time’ opening this time is like this stage 631 opening and ‘Show Time’ opening this time is the first regular performance and looks forward more. These to rise to the stage are preparing the various stage including K the pop cover dance, vocal, rap, and etc. with the idol regular class and kids dance regular class trainees including the creation choreographing. It is the determination that it will show authentically the practiced ability so far. It seems to become the festival in which the trainee’s family and acquaintance gets together altogether and which this show enjoys. It is known that entertainment company man of god development team of the domestic majority finds the part which it will pay attention the site directly and the interest is expected to be concentrated as the chapter of the preliminary star casting. The Tony Ahn is the first regular performance of the stage 631 in which ” trainees in person of real ability get together and which prepares. Because of spur the practice for the stage which is wonderful than the show, your many seeings was asked and the expectancy about the spare global stars for was asked. Meantime, the blue Square chaos hole of which the performance will spread is the performance and concert professional facility accommodating about 300 person. This can be the performance of the exceptional scale as the amateur singer wannabes.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745443.htm, 2019/02/13 14:10:44]