The affection ‘dropping one by one’ message which “what is so urgent” total destruction by fire U.S. and fan step


All Geonnet the recent condition greeting in which the child OR person singer of origin total destruction by fire U.S., as to the affection is contained to the fansIt was the nap which the love which left the writing which it sends on 13th Instagram which it pushes the total destruction by fire with the fans and beats overflows the steps. Because (I) waited indecisively for “there am not far I” ” (the fans) day after day on the text pushed the total destruction by fire, it wished not to get tired and be sad and the sincerity was conveyed. After that, ” one truth whats pushed the total destruction by fire are so urgent. Because of being my whose all ones wanted to be perfect greed, it waited a little and told. The text was finished “the beauty sharp dressers love and the good day is spent during” finally. It held in the Mnet survivor program ‘the produce 101’ which it pushes the total destruction by fire in eleven people of final and the girl group child OR Iro made debut. After the child OR person contract is terminated in 2017, it returns again to the trainee identity and presently, the solo debut as a singer is prepared in the double rack label.
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