The counterattack of Yaewon Yang and ‘truly, the taels of gold’ remained.


Ttyubeo Yoo Yaewon Yang (25) disclosed to encounter the sexual violence among the non-disclosure nude image photography meeting at May last year. The Mi two wind confessing just in time from the beginning of the year was a time to be strong and it spread to the social impact. He uploaded the video on its own facebook in relation with * entitled ‘I am the sex offense victim’. All Badat the interest of the netizens it rises to the real time searching Eo with the fact that after He was the popularity Ttubeo Yoo of the beautiful face every day the curiosity is gathered in the violence background It was the attack of some netizens doubting ‘the voluntary action’ for that Yaewon Yang case grew unlike the other sexual misconduct case to the controversy. While the Kakaotalk content that it has with the man who insists that Yaewon Yang gave the sexual harassment to me after a week is known, the new situation is greeted. Yaewon Yang is tuning the shooting schedule according to the Kakaotalk content that it is revealed at that time with the people concerned. Yaewon Yang refused the shooting and it accepted due to the money. It looked like the shape that seems only to be concerned about the photo outflow. With drawing this insistence of Yaewon Yang is refuted and the corresponding studio chief officer Mr.A is developed in the correspondence and tug of war over truth aspect to the cross action. 2 months with the width by oneself all Kkeueot the life Mr.A pointed out as the suspect complains the several times is felt victimized it emphasizes it was not oppressive The internet bullying attack against Yaewon Yang was this time concentrated to the start point. The problem is the responsibility or no about the fatal damage because of ‘outflow’ which He worried for the first time than ‘autonomous’ or no of the imaging. The legal standard of judgment is how. ◆ the actress sexual molestation guiltiness Cho Deokje and fanning ‘it have the particularity which is difficult to come out after the statement of the victim is consistent and it doesn’t experience directly and it is unreasonable or is not contradictory.’ in “it has the judgment result, it is stuffy” spot… controversy The forced indecent act of Yaewon Yang case and photographer ring recruiter Mr B (46) was sentenced to the imprisonment 2 year 6 months (the sexual harassment treatment implication of the child · teenager relative organ employment limit and 80 hours) in the first trial proceeding recently. Mr B was the condition where it disobeyed the first trial judgment and appeals but the voice of some repulsion against the court decision aroused another adverse criticism. “it anticipated but the judgment result is come across, really it is stuffy.” The Cho Deokje stopping at the center of it passes with the charge against sexual harassment for 2 years controversy which wrote in-line community with the title called ‘the report the both the world of artists case first trial judgment’ and the state of mind was revealed. The innocence in the first trial and all Badat the penal servitude 1 year (the probation, in 2, the sexual harassment treatment program 40 hours completion) judgment in the second trial He is charged with the charge molesting the lower part of the body of in 2015 movie Eoda*) middle of shooting Banminjeong the force The guiltiness was confirmed in Supreme Court. The Cho Deokje insisted “if it is implicated in someone or sex offense, the fatuously equitable justice will not be expected but the accuser is visited and the agreement for has to be solicited” after asking in return in “how on earth, any kind of evidence and context is presented, and the consistency of the statement of victim and particularity can be won, whether”. It likens with its own case and the feeling of the Cho Deokje that it is ‘the sex-discriminational judgment’ is understood but It can become the epicenter of the negative effect inciting the evil repliers looking at Yaewon Yang case in the eye line distorted at the slightest slip. ◆ the reality is truly the evil repliers have been bother with the criticism without Geungeo of the fight object which actually Yaewon Yang will have to propel separately from Yaewon Yang who ‘flower snake’ ‘prostitute’ back fierce internet bullying is pestered and legal judgment of a crime about “if the reflection which the sincerity is young is pardoned, forgive” forced indecent act and photo circulation suspects from now on. The fierce internet bullying of ‘flower snake’ or ‘prostitute’ back depended on Yaewon Yang related news or placard catalog so far. Yaewon Yang proclaimed the war on the first trial pronouncement immediately after evil repliers of Mr B as if this inconvenient situation and mood was taken into consideration. The lawyer of 2 who is the agent of Mr.Yang, as to ‘about 100 evil replier is punished for the defamation or the insult suspicion’ submitted the complaint of the object to the Seocho Police Station in Seoul at last seventh. It is the expression of the will that it will block the internet bullying at the now conclusively. The Yaewon Yang “there is likely to be no number to return the life which the result of trial loses but It becomes the consolation a little” told to be one ” which confronted the men lashing out I in spite of the result and fights. He revealed every week or policy that it accuses the evil replier regularly leaving the interval every month, afterward. Instead, “if when the specified period publishes the apology statement including the reflection which the sincerity is young in SNS run with the real name (yaewon Yang), there is the forgived intention” the filter paper was left. The public mental state is always double. The distorted mom looking interestingly as it sends the regrettable eye line and any moment of next-door houses is on unconcernedly looked coexists. Moreover, the lethal injury the hurt is more given of me rather than it covers up in the case that it is the issue. Yaewon Yang case chased the issue which the famous men is no less and spread to hot offense and defense from the beginning. The sequela is still serious. It shouldn’t fade till the courage although there is the room of debate.
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