The Gimbyeong precious stone · Ahn Jae-ook · Bokang Kim ‘be in trouble’ the steering wheel is held


The red light was turned on in the entertainment world with the public criticism of the repeated celebrities. The news disappointing of one actor is following the choice which is unable to be careful on the road which has to take a serious view of the security with the safety It examined in the recent entertainment world stained with the drunk driving and driving without license. ◆ the Gimbyeong precious stone and ‘the legal high’ are how. The actor Gimbyeong precious stone was indicted without detention in the Road Traffic Act DUI (driving under the influence) charge on 12th. According to this day Buchoen Kyonggi wonmi-soup police station, the Gimbyeong precious stone was driven at the liquor to 0:58 in the ground parking lot of Kyonggi-do Buchon-city one the apartment complex I with the drunkenness on 12th. The blood alchol concentration of the results of the possible drunkometer a measuring, the Gimbyeong precious stone of the police that got one resident report lived in the apartment and is mobilized was the suspension of license level with 0.085%. This day Gimbyeong precious stone agency Deo family NT conveyed with formal report data “the thing in which the Gimbyeong precious stone is scandalous on 12th with the drinking connection happened” “it is ignoring reason and the Gimbyeong precious stone and agency is fully realize the responsibility of the excuse without room deeply”. Meantime, the Gimbyeong precious stone is donated to JTBC Geumto drama ‘the legal high’ which is televised. ◆ no matter what, Ahn Jae-ook is like that even if it is the next day. It was caught by crackdown on drinking and driving on 10th and Ahn Jae-ook got the license suspension. The Ahn Jae-ook agency Jeibeul entertainment people concerned, on 11th, in the morning, “it had the banquet in the lodging side restaurant with the colleague after finishing on 9th night and local schedule which Ahn Jae-ook is over” in the call “although enough rest had to be taken after returning to the lodging, while heading for Seoul in the morning on 10th, it was caught by the drunk driving control and the license suspension against was hit”It revealed. After that, the agency was confessed “ahn Jae-ook and agency are fully realize the responsibility of the excuse without room” “it causes anxiety and the sorry heart cannot be hidden and the scandal which absolutely it will shouldn’t do is caused and it is the mind which is very shameful and is shameful”. In conclusion, ㅇ gave the musical ‘the Kwanghwa gate love song’ which was appeared and news that it alights from ‘hero’. ◆ Bokang Kim and ‘was the license-free?’The actor Bokang Kim was caught for the driving without license. Bokang Kim agency Eneojedik company caused “da”myeo Haet Bokang Kim the driving without license” scandal on 8th and was sorry and revealed. The world daily report reported this day previously afternoon to drive on 7th license-free which Bokang Kim is over and be exposed and booked without detention. Bokang Kim was caught by the police according to the sidewalks while driving with the license-free to 40 minutes in Kangnam-gu Yoksam-dong one street at last seventh at 10 p.m. Moreover, another traffic law was known to be already previously violated. As to Bokang Kim, the license was cancelled due to the drunk driving at August last year. In conclusion, it informed “all show businesses will not be done for a while and it will exercise self-discipline”.
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