The IMDB, most, 13 ‘kingdom’s and season 2 crank-in…’The expectancy ↑’


While the Netflix (Netflix) original series ‘kingdom’ is captivating the mind of the fans in the world, it starts into the season divalent crank-in and the expectancy is raised. In 13 days (korean time) standard biggest scale movie ·TV data base site IMDB (Internet Movie Database), the Kingdom ‘ (the script Eunhui Kim · direction Kim Sunghun) was in most popular 21 Wi of TV show rank. As to the (the) best record, ‘kingdom’ Asian drama is not unique as the 13th with 100 range. When the dying king came back to life, then the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character Dona Bae Ryu Seongryong, and etc. appeared as the end of Joseon which Crown Prince who is driven into the traitor steps and mystery thriller drawing the story which dug up these secrets in which the monster becomes in that place after the hunger and starts and ‘kingdom’ revealed on the 25th of last month took an active part. 190 country fans in Netflix are met by 27 language subtitles, 12 kinds of language dubbings. Since being revealed, the favorable comment was dragged out of home and abroad to the great visual art and story development every day. Positively introduce newly the colorful culture of the Joseon Dynasty including the Confucian ideas, and etc. to the fans in world and especially attract with the beautiful nature of the Republic of Korea. While the news about season 2 manufacture was early known and the script reading and apoptosis proceeded at last eighth, the drama presented the expectancy of the fans about the season 2 fully. In the season 2, taehun Kim, and etc. the actor Park bottle joined refreshingly. The Kim Sunghun director makes till 1 time. The movie ‘metropolitan citizen’ Enje Park director finds the megaphone from 2 times. It is ‘kingdom’ taking a step the crank-in and real first shots of the season 2 the day before at last. It is the interest if the factors wondering the development decrease any kind of interest with the stories which aren’t finished in the season 1 in the season 2 afterward. In addition, the eyes is concentrated if the spirit is constantly kept in the season 2.
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