The infinite and fans can be and bring out today, (13 days) ‘clock’ sound source (image)


The group infinite (INFINITE) announces today, (13 days) new musical composition ‘clock’ (CLOCK). Like this, the second ring entertainment told on 13th that it revealed and the infinite opened the new digital single ‘clock’ sound source and music video to every kind on-line sound source site p.m. 6 on 13th. The new musical composition ‘clock’ is the song shown to the prosperity Ri in the held infinite fan meeting ‘forever’ for the first time at the latter of last year. Because there was continuously the request for release of the fans from the open immediately after, the infinite chose the sound source release in order to repay the support of the fans. The new musical composition ‘clock’ is the confession eulogy of the medium tempo genre expressed ours dividing together from the first meetings till this moment now time, feeling, and meanings like the letter. As to and, this digital single, the same time is released in Korea and Japan in two countries. But Dongwoo Jang for, the aspects of on stage cannot see MBC variety program ‘the love of the number of houses and families and Woohyun Nam the musical’ that day ‘the, isomerism heat the movie’ 0.0 MHz ‘(myoungsoo Kim) to be cut out the drama’ as one love ‘the, isomerism kind the radio’ midnight black ‘ back because of the personal activity schedule. The infinite is preparing the various stage and live video instead of the music broadcasting activity. The digital single ‘clock’ of the infinite is released through the domestic every kind on-line sound source site p.m. 6 on 13th. And Japan Rekkochokku, Aittyunjeu, and etc. can meet.
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