‘the lupus bottle confession’ Choejunhui and netizen “the board is not hateful”


The daughter Choejunhui of the high Chinsil Choi set up the individual broadcasting channel and the men and communication was started. The netizens are leaving the comment putting the cheer fullness in the aspects of the Choejunhui amount opening the recent condition as the mom like the mother after long interval. The individual channel ‘the daily of Junhui’ was set up in the image restoration site YouTube at last 10th and Choejunhui told the recent condition recently. All Kkeureot the attention the revealed image center Choejunhui has the appearance closing the mask with a bit swollen face As to Choejunhui, the person doing not know the person who ” I am well known will be abundant in the image. As know much, common 17-year-old high-school girl who wrote on “***” SNS and it was trying to introduce me before starting on a full scale, is active spoke as the daughter Choejunhui ” of the actor Chinsil Choi. It is and, “it was caught by the disease that it is the lupus disease recent for 2 months and the hard time was spent during” ” intractable disease and He is the autoimmune disease. If it takes, the man is affected and it goes around in reality. It got better a little and the yesterday (9 days) left and it robbed. After that, the erythema has been appearing like the man who it takes “10kg made progress in the weight in 1, 2 weeks” ” skin disease and the skin has been getting torn. My looks is the same as the monster. The self esteem was with thrust cut whenever it looked into a mirror. Why did I change like the monster in this way? It thought, it told. Choejunhui had a lot of the controversy about ” I lastly. The people who the temple is hateful and who hate will be continuously like that and many ends will come and will go. The vigorous plan that it will not forget that there are the lot of the people who the ends like this will not worry and it will be the edge, who love the gone road of me “***” and it will display my looks as it is and will be active and will be active as the creator was conveyed. After the image of the Choejunhui was revealed, the netizens left the comment of the cheer towards him and the future for was rooted. It doesn’t want to see as the eye line of ” identification. The life for would like to be silently just rooted. It is the mind which doesn’t suffer from the household affairs which all people are know and, lessens any kind of life the flesh and wishes to be happy. It hopes that there is a lot of the life which doesn’t have a pain and which it laughs. (ykjh****) Be encouraged. Junhui and ” (kimj****) Junhui it roots When living happily to the mom and dad allotment and being ” (byni****) like this, if the mom was the flesh subkingdom, the large-scale strength will become to the daughter and it is so unfortunate. It will help in the sky. Surely it wishes to be completely cured, you aren’t hated “(love****)” Junhui and anyone. It will root. (sjyi****) Choejunhui got the self confidence in the cheer of the netizen, whether the image who today, (12 days) is fresh is uploaded and the boyfriend is introduced and He is becoming a hot issue.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745371.htm, 2019/02/13 00:00:04]