“the method, in which it follows the ghost a little”… Saebyeok Song · Koh Junhui thriller ‘glazing’ and curiosity ↑


The actor Saebyeok Song Koh Junhui starring ‘glazing’ Maine trailer captivates the eyes. The cable channel OCN new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘glazing’ (the script Bakhui steel · direction most Do Korean translation of Chinese character) opened the main trailer on 13th. The glazing ‘ is the thriller drama drawn the detail that it follows the wicked soul in which your esteemed younger sister Suhchung Hong (the Koh Junhui) having the badness detective Philsung Kang of which the zero is clear (saebyeok Song) and strong spiritual strength does the glazing in the body of the man and which commits the crime. The cheerful teaser has been being introduced so far. All strings the attention on the other hand, the Simsangchian atmosphere and story is put in Maine trailer meaningful2 people which sits face to face having the glass to the before, “am I seen still?” to Philsung Kang called “the ghost with the shaman one which absolutely I don’t trust has 2″All eyes is turned to the breathing of Suhchung Hong. The achievement by aid “the sensing with ‘0 suck ‘, not, the Dwae?it is the swindler I am the police”It asked. If it is the case, it had the appearance and talking manner which is bad as much as it was difficult to answer gladly. However, even if the corpse is seen, the sudden change Ha is the detective in charge of crimes of violence having the inherent ‘going’ with the sharp look. The curiosity rises in the reason why it gets to share with your esteemed younger sister lyricism of which the zero of that He is strong. The attitude of the achievement by aid which it did to be not to believe in the spirit was changed. The way, in which it expels ” spirits for the uneasy eyes a little, the Allyeo week show If it goes and eradicates, the face of the achievement by aid which is better and which it tells seems to be considerably gaunt. One lyricism and appearance of the shaman exorcise stimulate the look which cannot realize the inside mind the interest in the Bujeok and without the number that purpose is well known front of this. Especially the voice of the serial killer and silhouette gives the preliminary audience goose bumps 20 years ago. “if it enters the inside, is it one that it can have your ability and memory altogether?” than whatGlazing was notified in advance and there was any kind of case 20 years ago, whether the current what kind of thing which the year 20 is past takes place and, whether the curiosity for this broadcasting is amplified. As to the glazing ‘, coming 11 p.m. on March 6th is broadcasted.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745410.htm, 2019/02/13 10:40:29]