The Nayong seat · essential oil U.S. ‘the scandal rumor’ diffuser arrest…’The rumor harm ‘ is eradicated.


These scruff of the necks spreading the scandal rumor of the Nayong seat PD and actor essential oil U.S. was caught. Was the number that strong confrontation of 2 people, as to the start of the bad rumor circulation eradication comes? The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency cyber investigation squad revealed that it arrested 10 people altogether and the milt city (private magazine) initial writing person 3 people, 6 diffusers, abuse comment publisher, and etc. which includes the scandal rumor of the Nayong seat producer and essential oil U.S. and posts this on the blog and on-line community, and etc. was planning to indict 9 people on 12th and it is planning to send 1 people to the prosecutor for the nonprosecution opinion. . The name of the Nayong seat PD and essential oil U.S. was simultaneously suddenly in every kind Portal site real-time search word ranking at October last year and the attention of the world was centered. 2 people, as to the milt city called immoral relation was rapidly spread in SNS (the social relationship network service) and on-line community. 2 people was unable to hide to be embarrassed in the false truth and 2 people received the complaint and suggested the strong legal action. The rumor diffusers were caught from him about 4 months. The police dug up the hotbed of the spread of false information one by one such as finding out the first producer, intermediate diffuser, and step circulation specifically, etc. It was caught on 15th and the milt city of two versions was made with 14 at October last year. Firstly, it filled out. A Ssi conveyed the rumor which it gives from the writer in broadcasting to the acquaintance. B Ssi revised this in the form of the false news and it circulated. Secondly, it was originated that C Ssi who is the writer in broadcasting prepared with the message to the acquaintances and it circulates. This message was delivered to the messenger open chat room about 70 steps. It holds it got to spread out countlessly. The essential oil U.S. agency revealed the arrest of a suspect after “when there is no agreement and adequate management” the once again strong position. The voice of the cheer rises. The affection toward the public cultured people and curiosity is certain to become the large-scale strength to thises. However, the spread of false information began from the interest changing in quality loses these honors and the hurt which is difficult to wash gets to be caused. It is the undeniable crime. The eyes is on the direction if it can be the start rooting the harm because of the interest in which this case is wrong and indiscriminate rumor production out.
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