‘the packed second ring’ of ‘the sensibility potential’ verification… Hahn, Han Geemin X Kim Hye Ja in two times of ‘it is dazzling’


JTBC TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘it is dazzling’ (the script southward Gyu · Kim Su-jin and direction Kim Seok gloss) 2 times audience rating which the drama ‘it is dazzling’ presented the numb sensibility to the audiences, the day is broadcasted with 12 the national standard 3.2% (nielsen Korea and charge furniture standard) were recorded and the grade which is similar to 1 time was maintained. In this day broadcasting, the father (the conduct envelope) of the hyeja (the Hahn, Han Geemin) faces the traffic accident. Even when know the compensation, hyeja hands out the watch upside down in order to save the father. However, the accident didn’t have the prevented number in the hyeja effort. Hyeja handed out the watch to this again. It was bumped into the car which the day of the starting fate is often and often equal but hyeja was not stopped. And in conclusion, it succeeded in changing the destiny and finding the father. All Heullyeot the tear in the common everyday which as to hyeja, as to of the father is alive when opening eyes again However, the eyes of the families was unfamiliar. One in which 25 hyejas disappear and it remains hyeja growing old for the moment The hyeja time got entangled in the compensation handing out the watch. The cost was entertained in order to find the valuable man. However, the appearance which was unable to be the Bat son and in which it despairs with changed I stimulated the lachrymal gland of the viewers. The trial drew near to the cenosis (namjuhyeok). The self-injury which it is based upon in order to break away from the violence of the father that visited the home and requests the money to the grandmother was done and the father was reported as the violence. However, the unhappiness was not end with that. One in which the grandma passes away It condemned that death of the grandmother was one’s fault the cenotic and the father coming to the funeral hall pushed him inside the pain more. While hyeja who is 25 youths grew old for the moment as 70, the real story started. Hyeja who was ordinary but enjoyed the trivial happiness and trials befalling the cenosis tapped the sensibility of the audiences pathetically and sadly. The smoke of Kim Hye Ja feeling confused left the heavy lingering imagery in unfamiliar one’s attitude the moment grows old.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745417.htm, 2019/02/13 11:04:14]