‘the performance last part king’ Tae civilians and new musical composition ‘WANT’ comeback performance in ‘music Bank’


The comeback of the solo singer Tae Min was just around the corner. The agency SM Entertainment Company Limited, recommending Tae on 13th, ” Tae civilians with the formal report data, on 15th, the KBS2TV ‘ Music Bank ‘, on 16th, MBC ‘ show The Music Core ‘on 17th, SBS’ pop music ‘the new musical composition it appears on the etc. music program’ WANT ‘ (Wonteu) stage was planning to decorate and lit up. As to ‘WANT’ choreographing, the international choreographing showing the fantastic breathing through Japan solo debut song ‘さよならひとり’ (the Hitto Ri it is the yarn Jonah) of the Tae Min and regularity 2 album the title song ‘MOVE’ (move), as to Sugawara nose day was in charge. The sensitive performance in which the peculiar which Tae proposes controlled sex appeal and power of expression stands out can be met. WANT’ was risen to the whole world 30 area 1 Wi in which Colombia is added in the Aittyunjeu synthesis album chart. Also, the first for was accounted in the Hantteo chart, Nara Shin record, and YES24 back national every kind album sale chart. Meantime, the second opinion mini album ‘WANT’ was announced at last eleventh and the Tae Min notified comeback to the world of singers.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745467.htm, 2019/02/13 18:12:02]