The sound self-support ‘WANT’


The friend Eo builds the skin of the Idol group had a good sale and the sound self-support is made. It is the start showing the outcome which I have been laying upon another but because it can be discovered to see the morality of the group. Because of that, the guaranteed ability is most important. As to that respect, the Tae Min of SHINee in the group, the artist like the person went well. Until it debutted into 16 year old and young age and It became 27-year-old man, the ability of I was built up and the unchallenged singer came to him among the domestic man solo singer. The Tae Min meeting with the Seoul Gangnam-ku Chungdam-dong SM Entertainment Company Limited office building at last seventh had the attitude bear the anticipation and tension before the second opinion mini album ‘WANT’ (Wonteu) issue simultaneously. However, the exquisite self confidence was felt within this. It was the same as the self confidence where there is the reason. ” album this time considers as the tool on the ship of ‘MOVE ‘ (move). The performance in which introduction development turn and conclusion are clear was prepared. In order to dissolve the explosion power which it is unable to solve in ‘MOVE’ from this song, it prepared. The point choreographing will be that choreographing which will don’t have but in which the whole flow is principal and if the point choreographing was well the Bwa week, it will be good. ‘MOVE’ brought out in 2017 gathered the hot topic at that time. The men who are many as much as the end that it is ‘MOVE bottle’ appeared found out along his choreography. Even when being sexless, the delicate choreography operation this dance which the mania ticks a bit for be said to being popular is the feature. The Tae Min got the recognition due to this as the solo singer. Also, the color of He got to be certain made. As to group dancing, ㅅ seems to inform the advantage of the team authentically well when ” SHINee is active. However, when doing the solo activity, it focuses in showing the man, and the country can survive. It isn’t likely to be noticeable to the eyes that there is a lot of the team playing the strong performance and it makes the explosion power until me. That energy doesn’t come out. So, move toward the color of me. Endlessly the charisma which SHINee youngest Minui Tae who was likely to be cute is peculiar was felt. Its own advantage was well saved than the music which everyone pursues. It was the clever singer that any kind of music realizes the Eo wool reel its own well. It was becoming the senior in world of singers who the youngest is not now. ” I of was thought that I was young. But when the young friends saw, they are not. The ‘like how many year old are you seen?’ to the young juniorDo you say show in this age if it asks? Ha-ha. If it will do that I will be soft and it is cute, the thirties will connive adorably but 20 is to ‘why that child is like that’ want. (Smile) unawares, until it had the color of me, the Tae Min from ‘ prettiness ‘ to the route it was sexy said have many trouble and efforts. It thought to had to start again from the image to start as ” solo. SHINee youngest will be so good but the poison can come later to this. So, the change of one’s image about was worried from ‘mysterious thief’. But because of proceeding with the solo album, it was the tune in which the tune styles which I like were dark and which is heavy. It seems to become my color naturally. But there is the idea to do the little more popular music from now on. It has to communicate with the audience. The title song ‘WANT’ of the revealed new album is the pop tune in which the melody line done the groovy is impressive at last eleventh at 6 o’clock p.m. Here, ‘the seen music’ was one more born while the performance became more and more. The Tae Min “it took care of the whole painting as much as the seeing musician the listening music is not much” explained “it wanted to be well the choreographing of the detail that it became even if it didn’t do nothing but started to be rough as much as want and it has the highest point the Bwa week”. ‘WANT’ revealed in the interview field gave off the incense of ‘MOVE’ like his word strongly. The modern dance of was reminded. Here, as to Yadiyal, as to of the body line and agile face stood the choreographing of ‘WANT’ out more. So, asked “the management will do as the idol but it diets specially for the dance”. When dancing because of exercising and increasing the weight, the body becomes stiff. Stiff one was felt in ‘MOVE’. So, it doesn’t exercise. The stretching developed the flexibility is played. The weight was reduced. About 4~5kg was reduced. I am fine boned and it seems to be more tenuously seen. It wondered whether the Tae Min having the unchallenged color in the national as the man solo singer got the brainwave and influence where. The choreographing which “‘ good bye ‘ meets got the influence that it is good for the nose day. The feel called ‘this is really the dance’ got. It was the dance but one doing the arranged choreography got the feel that it is insufficient because of being to express. But the others and differencing comes to the dance which the nose day installs. The differencing the smart dance was tried by the idea that there was too much and it would like to leave the Namaneun part and that one in the something idea not in fact. The others and Tae Min which there was the other that one, the car is hard with the debut in 12 said use most the load chamber belonging in the senior axis in the music broadcasting now. It was same a few days ago to do the mushroom hair style and call “the ~ which the trouble appears it is so beautiful” and the hour flowed really quickly. However, he wanted still many these loves. If I got to be more wanted, the man who is abundant by “‘WANT’ will be good. It is the goal to would like to make the stage which would like to see more as it sees if it sees. There is but never once, not, this man makes no man seeing once. This year is the plan which is active in Korea until the body can be broken.
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