‘the taste of the wife’ Kim Min ♥ this pitch pocket and LA romance the Ing


The married life considered the Alkongdal bean of the actor Kim Min and movie director this pitch pocket captivated the audience. The interest of the audience toward these couples joining refreshingly in ‘the taste of the wife’ was hot, the talk of the actor Kim Min do the married life in LA Weber Ri hills and movie director this pitch pocket was on the air in TV shipbuilding ‘the taste of the wife’ broadcasted with 12 with the day afternoon for the first time. It was same to the debut ago and the appearance in which this day was straightforward and which is beautiful installed Kim Min showing the face through in the Braun tube after long interval to be the men surprised. The one’s figure the sameness The slender body line reminding of the model stood out. The house doing the luxury of Kim Min and this pitch pocket couple captivated the attention. The house everywhere which Kim Min decorates directly was filled with the feel which was polished and warm. Fourteen-in services of marriage with this year 2 people gets married in 2006 Although the time flowed long, 2 people said to surely date the box Ssik and send the hour to a week together and it smelled of the atmosphere feeling sweet. All Ppaejwot the chair of the husband the wife Kim Min it arrives at the restaurant surely it was holding hands one of which the broadcast will be and uninteresting about was worried As to Hong Hyunhui under feeling of the studio, the back expressed the heart excited “the blind date seems to be seen”. The daughter of Kim Min and this pitch pocket couple was revealed. The study of Korean of the daughter about will be worried and Kim Min would better learn Korean so that ” effeminacy can be different from me. It inspected to become to do English well. However, it was likely to be good if Korean was more done well than the now. Korean was unable to be learned from the parents and it was a pity and I confessed. Kim Min added and, “we, as to Korean will want to learn soon because of showing the Korean culture to the effeminacy already”. Kim Min who reveals shape in the Braun tube after long interval and opens my everyday The interest of the men is making the Ssot child in the appearance which is unaffected and constant.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745401.htm, 2019/02/13 09:23:07]