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The dubbing artist native MC Yoori Suh explained the forming rumor which becomes a subject of discussion. Yoori Suh explained to Instagram “byeongjeung Ahn who is the complication of the hyperthyrea which it had been being long sick was cured completely” “many uploaded the photo appearing well in the joy found the former eye before. When it is regarded whether the allegation of plastic surgery is not given to the people who are abundant in the wind the photo coming out excessively well,” on 13th. The compound word of ‘ Sel Kkun ‘(the Sel car which after that, as to Yoori Suh, the molding ” outcome took the Haet silence and former eye back not, I am unchanged and swindler It was the end) telling on the man who the Sel car comes out well. And the diet was being continued and the finish wrote the writing. Yoori Suh was previously seized by the suspicion if the plastic surgery was not gotten as the recent condition photo of the leaf uploaded on this day Instagram. The photo center Yoori Suh put name in on-line Portal site real-time search word ranking with the looks it saw in the Braun tube, and appearance so far every day and a bit changed became a hot issue. Meantime, it debutted as the staff broadcasting dubbing artist 1 in 2008 and appeared in MBC variety program ‘MI little TV’ TvN ‘SNL Korea’ etc. and Yoori Suh gave notice of the face.
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