To make ‘it is the Kkukka of the Gwakseungjun’ and ‘with the plastic material’ Republic of Korea (image)


The plastic threatens our life now. In the TvN ‘it is the Kkukka of the Gwakseungjun’ which today, (13 days) broadcasts afternoon, the time when on the minuteness plastic in which It becomes the world problem checks urgently is taken. In this day broadcasting, daniel Linde come from the Gimmi belonging to Greenpeace Jjeum plastic campaign who is the international Environmental Protection Agency chief, Inha university marine science and Kim Tae-won professor, and environment exemplary country Germany appears and the status on environmental pollution of the disposable is diagnosed and the stratagem for is sought. Firstly, examine a kind of plastics which we didn’t know whether it pointed out the daily work and the plastics which is abundant in the day was used various. The plastic is included in the product which is unable to think including the clothes, vinyl, paper cup, and etc., it is uncovered. Moreover, the plastic is not disassembled and It becomes the minuteness plastic and the mankind is threatened, it is known and is the sense of alarm Nop. In this day broadcasting, it is planning to check whether the minuteness plastics which is abundant in the tap water and unboiled water through the actual experiment is contained. Subsequently, the various campaign which is being carried out on is shed light in the overseas in order to solve and the solution that can be introduced in the domestic for is expected to be sought.
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