· Kim tiger in five kinds of flaccidity in infants and full stop.” only ten months of open passionate loveThe met rope was done not know.


Kim tiger in the actor five kinds of flaccidity in infants the open passionate love, in just 10 months, all Jjigeot the full stop The netizen is showing the reactoin surprised “it didn’t know to met anytime and it was separated”. The agency of Kim tiger revealed in five kinds of flaccidity in infants 13 days “2 people parted from the ends of last year” “the parting reason is poor to know well because of being the private life of the actor”. The Kkeureot Ji Kim tiger, that is 1,989 formers, didn’t become the interest the year 1 in five kinds of flaccidity in infants, that is 1,987 formers, with couple of younger man and older woman of 2 years old differences as yet and the news of break up of was given. The single reported ♥ Kim tiger ‘older and younger actor couple’ birth “among the high-speed passionate love” in [Exclusive] five kinds of flaccidity in infants at March last year. The acquaintance meeting met and 2 people became close and 2 people felt the good feeling and developed to the sweetheart. It entered so that Kim tiger could receive the basic military training under the social service personnel after the Ji one month which after is revealed. The love was raised even when Kim tiger worked as the social service personnel at that time. However, it became to walk its own way at the latter of last year. The netizen is the reaction that it didn’t know the passionate love news of 2 people. Anytime. Hanya it was separated what was done it didn’t know ” (kull****) “jul met the real was done not know” (ddor****) “did 2 falling in love with the opening to the public?” the met rope was done not know(silv****) met one was done not know. It didn’t know at all to do till the open passionate love, 2 was long with the yarn anytime with ” (jsho****). Was the article born to meet anytime? (tjql****) the reaction of “the article saw. Until then, Jul separated with Geunyoung Moon was done not know” (kein****) back was shown. Meantime, it debutted as the girl group rub (Luv) in five kinds of flaccidity in infants in 2002. And the geographical condition was consolidated with the performance Ha actor in the drama ’rounding off to the nearest integer’ ‘it is unfamiliar than Heaven’ ‘hit’ ‘daewang Sejong’ ‘jar’ ‘the during beauty woman’ etc. After that, after ‘ which becomes popular through ‘you has been roll the vine Jjae over’ broadcasted in 2012 on a full scale was visited. Whether the Bori Jang ‘ shined or it reached, it came back, it appeared in the uncle ‘ Kijeoken Yeop she ‘ organic ‘. Kim tiger, in 2006, Kim tiger, in 2006, the debut in the entertainment world through the KBS2 ‘the survivor star audition’, drama ‘the ill-mannered women’, and sitcom ‘High Kick Without Hesitation’ the drama ‘east of Eden’ ‘the man than the flower’ ‘dream’ ‘the woman who would like to get married still’ ‘the bar next bar next’ ‘this winter wind blows’ ‘the goddess feeling of the fire’ ‘hide the social position’ ‘ the minutenessIt appeared in the Scab 2’ etc.
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