‘degrade if it is the intellectual strength’ Geesung Yoon and ‘the sensibility parting eulogy’ advance notice with the lyric spoiler


The singer Geesung Yoon comes back to ‘geesung Yoon table’ sensibility tune. Geesung Yoon agency LM entertainment introduced the lyric spoiler image of the solo debut song ‘In the Rain’. The image came up to 0 o’clock Geesung Yoon formal SNS to the lyric spoiler image of Geesung Yoon first the solo album ‘the Aside’ title song ‘the In The Rain (the lane)’ on 14th. The piano melody of the lyrical feel was included in this with the drumstick sound reminding the sound of rain, the atmosphere, that is the result, was caused. The faint lyrics called “it tried this way to face more your who seems just to be sad with the Arajyo/face the/on the line which it is the cold sound of rain, remembered one was tried this way” is heard. The title song ‘In the Rain’ showed the frank feeling greeting the farewell without the preparation with love this with the pop ballad genre in which the orchestra melody gets joined together with the sensitive melody. The various contents including the track list of the first solo albums and concept photo, image, and etc. is successively opened and Geesung Yoon is holding the expectation for the solo debut in reverence previously. Meantime, ‘Aside’ is announced p.m. 6 on 20th and Geesung Yoon starts seriously into the solo activity.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745502.htm, 2019/02/14 09:32:04]