It becomes ‘the advertising community blue chip’ this early spring and Youkwansun. 1,919 Youkwansun ‘ hero preferred


The actor this early spring challenges the movie. The people concerned taking care of this early spring agency Byeol island entertainment PR revealed in formal report data “this early spring was cast in the Youkwansun of the homeland ‘ of the documentary ‘1,919 Youkwansun- shes after a lot of TV advertisement model” on 14th, this early spring debutting as the year 2017 Macdonalds commercial models communicates the chicken advertisement, ramen advertisement, and cosmetics recently. It bought. It was called as ‘the Ip favor girl’, ‘the shrimp girl’, and ‘the bar rue girl’ etc. and the face was informed before through a lot of advertisements including the beverage, financial corporation advertisement, and etc. Here, it appears as the opposite and the eye contact is chopped with ‘the family pretty called U.S’ and the tuition fee is engaging the working in the many-sidedness including the actor and commercial model, and etc. Moreover, it is the schedule in which it will reveal the hot nationalism toward the disintegration homeland as Youkwansun carrying out the period of Japanese occupation days independent movement in the documentary ‘1,919 Youkwansun’ having the unsealing ahead. Meantime, the movie ‘1,919 Youkwansun’ in which this early spring is in charge of the first starrings is having come March unsealing a period ahead.
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