It is mellowly bitterer than the luxurious and chocolate.


It is showing to do the expectancy which it earns ‘the man doing not know you no more than idiot I’ (the luxurious and ‘ fool ‘ the housekeeping middle school) whip him. The ill-mannered youngest of the smallpox nothing and luxurious caused the thing and once. It was developed into the chitterlings publicity ambassador beginning with the youngest of the person of real ability group smallpox nothing, the name was put as the star shining in 2,018 brand flat board 1 Wi. And the music chart top was aimed and gone out as this year and first the solo album ‘fool’ (twit), the first solo album ‘fool’ (twit) of the luxurious was revealed to every kind sound source site with 13 with the day at 6 p.m. As to ‘fool’ (twit), the melody line where there is the toxicity is impressive with the tune of which the tropical element and gangway bit are impressive. The point attracting attention most is one that entirely it emphasized the tone color of the luxurious peculiarity. It is the song dragging the fascination of the luxurious out with the maximum value in other words. The personality overflows if the various sides of the housekeeping is examined. Only it looked at me. By oneself who is unable to embrace the sweetheart taking care of me was expressed as ‘fool’ and the story of the tune was disentangled. It participates communally in the writing the lyrics of this solo debut song ‘fool’ (twit) and composition and the luxurious reveals the unlike other people passion. As much as the first soloes which put up its own name in 5 years since debutting as the smallpox nothing are announced, it is here and there the song suggesting the greed revealed in 2014. It is the advantage of ‘fool’ to appreciate the compass of the luxurious in the tune which it sings till the high-pitched tone strong of the luxurious which it throws freely from the bass voice which is sexy and is dreams and phantasms altogether. Especially, the music video delights eye and ear altogether. It digests all ones into its own style and the luxurious fills up the screen from the exceptive clothes till the peculiar facial expression acting fullness. It is the luxurious which can recognize authentically the merit that the person holds and maximize this. It expresses to be pathetic toward this which shouts with the brazen-faced look and voice as ‘you the fool’ and powerful loves in the moment, it is the word. It is the reason why the expectancy leans to the pass of ‘the musician with the brush’ luxurious in which the luxurious of the smallpox nothing is not. Meantime, the luxurious opens the first solo ‘the fool (twit)’ to every kind sound source site p.m. 6 on 13th. The solo activity is planning to be kept during one weeks. Start into the smallpox nothing album preparation after.
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