‘… it was changed’ Do you compare after AOA Geemin and ago →?


It is anxious as ” fan. Geemin gets please. It is having the comment which the worry about the fan toward the leader Geemin of the girl group AOA (AO A member Geemin, effeminacy, Hyechung, Min, the realization, and praise) is mixed continuously. 4 photoes which Geemin uploaded in order to tell the recent condition It will be the wave length which was unable to anticipate the person. On 13th, in every kind of Portal site, AOA Geemin was ranked as the real time searching Eo higher rank. Because of being AOA send ‘the Bing text bangle’ activity its own time finally in last May, it was the dubious work. As to reason, the recent condition photograph which Geemin uploads at last 12th is the high interest of the netizen due to Moat. It was Geemin who made a boast of the slender one’s figure even if only it played the several months’s ago. However, the recent condition photo center He was these who the years old drops out as much as it was gaunt startled all of a sudden. Geemin uploaded the photo. Then the fans left the comment of ‘it is to why be parched up in this way’ ‘how on earth, it is something’ ‘the anorexia is worried’ back and the worry was poured out. The foreign fans moreover, “eat please” “in will be good if it didn’t have a pain in you” left the comment saying that it was anxious. Because, SNS center photo of Geemin had the appearance in which it loses weight excessively as much as it felt authentically if it compared with AOA debut at the time. The place which cannot help being more anxious about the former days because of being Geemin having the frame parched up called 41kg this on the kidneys of 161cm In conclusion, this day was explained to the health disorder rumor of Geemin afternoon and the agency FNC told “when the regular exercise is played and Geemin doesn’t have any problem in the health” the position. However, it is the sense which it is poor if the fans trust in spite of the official position of the agency. Rather, he reveals its own weight in the interview in the past in 2016 and it is once again well-known to take mention “the new album activity was prepared and 5kg had to be reduced”. There are these that the eye line which the concern related to Geemin is mixed assesses a bit. However, there is separately the reason why it can be like that. It is due to be the fact that it is open that numerous girl groups have to have the severe diet. Was the number which this will act on Geemin as the chance of change? It is the time when it will have to concentrate more on the health care for the fans. Meantime, after finishing ‘the Bing text bangle’ activity, it appears in SBS ‘Running Man’ and TvN ‘the side dish it is the beginning’ etc. last month and Geemin is keeping the private activity actively.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745477.htm, 2019/02/14 00:00:02]