‘”monster” rookie showed’ When there be (ITZY), ‘it asks to be different’ MV 40 million view through is broken.


The girl group ITZY (there is) shows severely ‘the successive generations class man of god’ nap from the debut early. ITZY debut song ‘it asks to be different’ music video broke through YouTube hit 40 million view to 48 minutes of a.m. 5 on 14th, that is 10,000, because of being the opening to the public 77 hour 48 minute. The first digital single ‘IT’ Z Different (the dipper runt there is) ‘title song’ asked to be different, it announced p.m. 6 on 12th and as to ITZY, the formal made debut. The line revealed ‘it asks to be different’ MV, that is the ago, a day with the sound source release and especially as to ITZY, the opening to the public broke through 4.55 million views, that is MV 24 hours maximum hit record of K the pop debut group, in 11 hours. After that, 10 million views achieved 30 million views in 18 hours in 14 million views, 44 hours in 24 hours. Therefore, ‘first record’ called ‘MV middle of K the pop debut group, in 24 hours, 10 million view breakthrough’ got to be held. It asks to be different and every kind real-time music chart top including, that is the open second day, in the morning on 13th standard m.net, sound sea, genie music, orle music, Bugs Music, and etc. is occupied and it rises to the a.m. 7 on 14th standard m.net chart top, that is the open three days Jjae, and every kind music chart higher rank and is the getting popularity. ITZY is chasing the hot popularity in not only domestic but also overseas. ‘it asks to be different’ MV rose to the first place of U.S.A popularity sudden increase movie, Great Britain popularity sudden increase movie 2, and etc. including YouTube Korea. The debut song ‘it asks to be different’ occupied the overseas dozen area Aittyunjeu chart top including, that is the release day, on 12th standard Hong kong, Singapore, Thailand, and etc. It asks to be different and is the tune smelling of the atmosphere which overflows even when ‘the advantage of many genres including EDM, house, hip-hop, and etc. is gathered’ Fusion Groove (the fusion groove) ‘ sound and confident message is cheerful to beat. Meantime, ITZY starts into the music broadcasting activity of the debut song ‘it asks to be different’ beginning with today, (14 days) Mnet ‘M countdown’. The first music broadcaster ‘M countdown’, on 15th, the KBS2 ‘music Bank’, on 16th, MBC ‘ show The relay sallies at the Music Core ‘on 17th, SBS’ pop music ‘ etc. various programs and the debut stage where the girl crush and tint rush fascination is full is planning to be shown.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745504.htm, 2019/02/14 10:22:20]