The Brie Larson and marble studio and total 7 volume contract…’The performance fee 5.6 billion’


‘queen’ of the marble studio came to the Brie Larson. Hollywood reporter revealed that like this, he reported through 13 days (local time) Brie Larson special report and Larson contracted the movie of the marble studio and total of 7 volumes. It contracted that Brie Larson appeared on the total 7 volume of movies sharing with the marble studio according to the news. It is the story coming around to the rumor between the fans from last year. However, as to formulated one, this is the beginning. ‘the captain marble’ and ‘ Eobenjyeoseu which the Brie Larson has the unsealing ahead this year: It appears in the end game ‘. One that then the lineup at least 5 volumes is planning to donate to the marble kinematic model universe art which is not announced yet Larson received 5 million dollar (the Korean won about 56 hundred million)s in the performance fee according to the interview in ‘the captain marble’ and it was satisfactory and the character orientation presented the marble person accepted the appearance offer without hesitation. More, all strings the eyes it is especially, this casting of the marble known the love call is sent to Larson who doesn’t select Larson as the final it puts the other actress on the candidateMarch and ‘ Eobenjyeoseu which meantime ‘the captain marble’ which Larson appears comes: The end game ‘ is having come 4 month North America unsealing a period ahead.
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