The burning sun and triumph…”The pressing which rains down until reveals the truth


The looks asking the responsibility of the various suspicion about the club burning sun where there was the victory with the director inside company and victory in the firm drawing a line of the group big bang member victory and YG entertainment Yang Hyun-Suk representative don’t die down. Indicated on Chinese employee Aena reported MBC as one recommending the drug presumed as the narcotic for the customers at the burning sun on 13th. Chinese woman who 26 years old illegals which the child is born are staying dug and the smoke department in was majored with Mao. It was the person where there is the hemp charge prosecution postponement eletric power on the appearance which is noticeable to the eyes. In the burning sun, the suspicion that it attracted Chinese VIP customer and supplied the narcotic to the customers against is hit. ㄴ was not done whether the child was born and the put picture was inserted in Instagram with 10 month victories and the victory was mentioned as “it works eagerly, and the triumph representative and photo is taken” as the representative. In addition, it is one people among 2 women who insist to be sexually molested from Kim whom the child is born according to the speech of the chance certain family disclosing the cut accident of violence. Only the person on the blaclist child The victory was spoken to the same day edaily as “it doesn’t remember well whether the chopstick is someone whether the moment of time when it takes a picture is accurately when, as much as”, saying that it was on Aena “one which it puts because of being in the club and taking a picture together”. It is the victory that it is unrelated to the uncrowned and substantial operation of the burning sun even if the child comes out. The triumph was written on Instagram at last second and “the management of the substantial club and operation was not my role” “it was in charge of the role that it played role of the director inside company in club in charge of PR and informs the club before” the position were shown. The end of last month, Yang Hyun-Suk representative, moreover, all Yeoreot “When really it is difficult to prepare and watch the gossips without Geungeo” which expresses and which it is related to the burning sun on various suspicions mouth However, there were no explanation about the responsibility of the wi about many suspicions and cases. It was unconnected with the assault incident which the wi chops the burning. The reason and wi why the wi resigns from the director inside company cutting the burning were revealed only that it was uncovered that there was no over in the narcotic check in the least. The burning sun stopped at the center of the suspicion including the sexual violence of me in the club, narcotic dosage, coalescing with the police, and etc. The full responsibility team was made on the 30th of last month and the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency was started on the various disputes on the investigation. All Ppyeolchyeot the interrogate the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency metropolitan investigation team summons Moonhoh Lee cuts the burning representative and who Mao dying out the business as the witness position on 13th The burning sun seized by every kind crime suspicion undergoes the investigation and there is. The burning sun seized by every kind crime suspicion abdicates the wi in-house executive director place on the 24th of last month and is drawing the cable because there is no connection with the operation of the burning sun. “reveal the truth properly” (jb02****) “are you all the memory Ahnna?” in this(hjha****) the scolding of “the absurd excuse” (ykjh****) “I am the big bang fan but this case is unable to raise Schild” (wd48****) the etc. public rains down. It is not proper and suitable work to deny “it didn’t know”. It rises to shout of the pressing about ‘the thorough investigation’.
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