The eulogy gloss Hyeong · daisy love affair due to the triumph ‘the burning sun’?


All strings the attention it is the interest which the netizens are high the steps the love affair of the icon eulogy gloss Hyeong and Momo the land daisy becomes a subject of discussion The opinion and most of man and women that it will be the burden which revealed one is big falls in love. These are divided into the position which is not different. Any kind of this prayed recently to buy the triumph in which ‘the burning sun’ dispute becomes a subject of discussion and position of which the icon eulogy gloss Hyeong is the same. It raised ‘conspiracy theory’ that it burst the love affair following intentionally in order to cover the negation issue of the triumph. As to on 14th, the Daily Sports Seoul, the icon eulogy gloss Hyeong and daisy reported as the passionate love middle. It met by seniors and juniors in world of singers and the friendship was accumulated and 2 people developed to the sweetheart according to the report from 3~4 months. All Kkeureot the attention of the fans this media tells “2 people are enjoying the date and is getting along like the other sweetheart” “it is the pretty couple looking good” the word of the people concerned is invoked The netizen is showing the various reaction in the passionate love of 2 people. The netizen of the positive reaction will be humorous. With the love degrees it lives It is the same as the novel. (kosu****) the, “it is the rooting idol. It congratulates” (amy****) and ” truth falls in love all. The comment of ” (yhbo****) etc. was left whether the Ri deliberation difference in which it took and which doesn’t hang up was not. The opinion worrying about 2 people which begins to inform the face before now and improve the awareness is noticeable to the eyes. “with what and idol does the icon don’t have the idea to be knitted any more now?”(nyam****) The Deut in which it is the best to part quickly as long as the, ” idol passionate love is revealed Then, it was both damaged, the comment of ” (bill****) back ran. This day is checked with the both sides agency everyone to ” person afternoon when the rumor about falling in love of 2 people are brought up. It was firming up position, it waited and ㅇ spared words. Moreover there are the lot of these raising ‘conspiracy theory’. “the icon is betrayed in order to cover the triumph” (shal****) and “to the topic be changed and find the triumph”(lsbc****) there is no,” interest. Give much only the triumph article, it is ” (sjtk****) etc. The eulogy gloss Hyeong debutting as the icon member into the world of singers in 2015 is keeping the sub vocal within the team. The daisy debutting as the Momo land member into the world of singers is acting for Maine wrapper of the team and Maine dancer in 2016.
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