‘the Frozen 2’ trailer opening to the public.’Want the bait ‘ (image)


The teaser video of the Disney animation movie ‘the Frozen 2’ (the supervision Chris Beok and Jeniffer Ri) was revealed. If the whole book was very happy, the more and more active story is notified from the season 2 and the expectancy is high. Walt Disney studio published the formal teaser trailer of ‘the Frozen 2’ in 13 days (local time) YouTube official channel. The appearance in which Elsa faces the wild waves in the dark background was included in the revealed image. He attempts the wave and frontal attack many times. Kkeuriseuttoppeu takes the reindeer in the continued scene and steps somewhere. The one’s younger brother Ahnna and aspects of Rappeu Ol are noticeable to the eyes. The grand music and atmosphere is quite different from the whole book. The Frozen ‘ is the popularity animation which opens the domestic at January 2014th and mobilizes the whole country 10.26 million name audience. Notify sequel coming back in 5 years the more and more active story in advance. Meantime, ‘the Frozen 2’ was known to draw the content that it didn’t go out with Elsa, it visits the ancientry riddle about its own kingdom. It is come on November 22nd North America prearrangement of release.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745526.htm, 2019/02/14 13:45:30]