‘the molding NO fighting against a disease end’ Yoori Suh was explained. However. It is the change.


The allegation of plastic surgery in which the dubbing artist native broadcaster Yoori Suh surrounds me was explained. However, it is the sense which it is unable to hide that netizen suspects still. Yoori Suh was enveloped in the forming rumor by the Sel car (self camera) of the leaf uploaded on Instagram on 13th. This day He put name in on-line Portal site real-time search word ranking higher rank every day and at the center of allegation of plastic surgery, undertook. The Sel car photo heart Yoori Suh displayed the risen beautiful face as the face which we knew usually and face definitely.sharply changed to fail to recognize. In conclusion, this day He explained to Instagram with another Sel car photo leaf “the hyperthyrea which was considered two bottles was completely cured” “was not done” when the forming rumor became a subject of discussion. However, the netizens are the sense which is unable to believe the word of Yoori Suh. The several netizens are ” change. ” (icer****) “if Yoori Suh old photo is watched, it will know to mold the someone” (gpwl****) “it can be so changed even though the clown doesn’t install. But” (euyr****) “the performer disappears and the shape of mouth is changed” (seve****) will be unable to be made an inquiry even if no matter what, it will see. Doubt the word of much Yoori Suh whom it made up an excuse and didn’t do, it does and who was necessary but who hung ” (codm****) “the light pattern and mandible to was where all gone” (rree****) the back comment and who didn’t do. The disease where however as to Byeongjeung Ahn, who is the complication of the hyperthyrea which Yoori Suh was sick the face some can change Therefore, the several netizens are showing the reactoin in which it sympathizes with the elucidation which it will stand the molding of Yoori Suh. ” molding, not, the Haegumeon The part which it lives because of watching the Instagram photo. And which seems to drop out and which it seems to return intactly because of the bottle that eye tried this way. The same hypertension the Jamnya ” (lyc4****) ” I was the picking fault sick not to lie because of doing the Mwon molding and while the eyeball was protruded, the eye became larger. It is the same as this influence. Since curing completely in being the hard disease, it is fortunate, ” (ohth****) ” molding seems to be not. Even if the flesh (edema) fell out, ear eye mouth and nose were changed, ” (sstr****) “what it is truly not one it didn’t do it is the man who does Yoori Suh did it was cool it installed” (yado****) the back comment ran. Meantime, yoori Suh is ining charge of the MBC General FM radio program ‘it is the quiz life of everyone and Yoori Suh’ progress.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745473.htm, 2019/02/14 00:00:02]