The Monstar X and comeback preparation completion… track list opening to the public

The track list of the new album was opened and the group Monstar X hung up the real starting on the comeback preparation. ‘THE 2ND ALBUM which like this, the starship entertainment reveals on 14th and is the regularity 2 album second opinion part of the Monstar X on the official SNS channel: The track list image of the TAKE.2 ‘WE ARE HERE’ ‘ (here) was published. ‘INTRO according to the revealed track list: ‘the nightmare (Ghost)’ including WE ARE HERE ‘title song’ Alligator ‘ (alligator) and ‘Play It Cool (Prod The By Steve Aoki) ‘ (the play It Cool), ‘No Reason’ (roh reason), ‘Give Me Dat’ (the gib U.S. Dat), ‘the turbulence’, ‘Rodeo’ (rodeo), ‘Stealer’ (stirrer), and ‘Party Time’ (the party time) the back the total 10 the tune were collected. The splendid flowers are everywhere arranged and especially the gaze is overwhelmed in the background of the color which is strong in the revealed image. In addition, the existence of Mun shining most like the middle afterimage is evoking the curiosity for the album this time more. The title song ‘Alligator’ is the tune which it is maintaining the whole album this time with the dance music in which the powerful future pop sound is matched with the mix in the feel, that is the hip-hop of the Monstar X peculiarity, is expected as the axis. The title of the tune which notified in additionpreviously international DJ Steeve Aoki and collaboration in advance and special hit against the attention of the music fans ‘Play It Cool (Prod It is clarified as the By Steve Aoki)’ and the hotter reaction is caused. Moreover, it owed to the compliance hot of the self-composed music ‘no Reason (rijeun Roh)’ that it opens the line in the world tour Angkor concert of the started Monstar X last year and the member circular arc was included in the album in order to impart the tune to the more music fans. And the wrapper Juheon and IM Company Limited seems to exhibit the initiative participation and musical talent in all tracks sufficiently. All. The album ‘THE 2ND ALBUM which the Monstar X announces at October last year: TAKE.1 ‘ARE YOU THERE?'(Does yoo burn?) in the album this time connected after part 2, new album filling fullness with the new musical composition 10 track of the colorful fascination is notified in advance and the curiosity is more raised. Especially, the album this time looks forward with the schedule to be included the message of the wish based on the world view which becomes intense more and more. In the meantime, the Monstar X (trouble of the SyeoCircular arcGihyeonMin hyukThe brother circleJuheonThe IM Company Limited) visits every kind on the coming 18th at 6 p.m. ‘THE 2ND ALBUM through the off line site: Engage the real activity with the TAKE.2 ‘WE ARE HERE’ ‘the title song it announces’ Alligator’.
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